Kwabs - Last Stand (prod. SOHN)

11/12/2013 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Kwabs - Last Stand

I think that SOHN is the smartest person/entity working in the slow burning- electronic- sex -music niche right now (yes that was a lot of adjectives). From last year's beautiful "The Wheel" to his work with up and coming singer Banks, he has not made a bad move. This track, released by Kwabs a couple weeks ago, is no exception. All of the key elements are there: distorted organ-sounding bass, slow & steady build, and melancholy vocals. Speaking of vocals, let's not forget the star of the song, Kwabs himself. Although I have not come across this guy before, he instantly reminded me of Sampha. With the right production team, (his other tracks are a tad too weepy bleh), he could be putting out some interesting stuff.