Calvin Harris - Summer

3/18/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Calvin Harris, otherwise known as the hottest DJ in current music (although when your competition is Skrillex and the ancient fossil club rat known as David Guetta, the bar is not all that high.***), has released a new tune called "Summer." This time around, he has used his own vocals rather than consult a pop star diva. To that note, I'd like to say the following: Calvin, is this a Singing in the Rain gig? (Also am I 60 with that reference?) Because I cannot for the life of me believe that you possess that voice. It's magical , and sounds like the love-child of Bono and a leprechaun (idk it felt right, JUST GO WITH IT). I want to replace Siri and just have the singing voice of Calvin Harris answer my questions. To address the actual song: ......meh. I basically have no opinion. It's not bad, but it's also pretty boring. I sense Calvin wanted to make some $$$$$ and thought this was formulaic enough for a radio hit. Still, I'll prob jump around to it at the club (my living room).

*** But also who am I kidding!! CALVIN IS A GOD