CunninLynguists - Beyond the Sun (ft. J-Live)

3/18/2014 Tunes For Loons 1 Comments

On principle, I refused to listen to this song for a while (like an hour) because of the name of the band. Ew. What if I just ran around school saying, "Hey guys, have you heard the new Fellatio song, it's amazing!" I guess that sounds less gross, but whatever you get what I'm saying. Then I pressed play, and I was a goner. First of all, who isn't a sucker for a good Gregorian chanting sample!? (said no one but me). Throw in some pitched up chipmunk vocals, mellow yet powerful rapping, and a hook that repeats "We came from beyond the sun" in a weird alien evoking fashion? SOLD. Also that picture made me love these people. "Yeah, we murdered our drummer and buried him, what have YOU done today?" Their album Strange Journey Vol. 3 out April 1st.