M83 - I Need You

3/30/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I saw Divergent (aka the Hunger Games with more boring people and a constipatedKate Winslet) yesterday, and the music was pretty FG. Since the entire plot is a blur to me, I cannot remember where this song played, but I'd like to imagine it was during one of the MANY moments when the girl & guy leads basically molest each other thinking it's subtle sexual tension. People there is a scene where this man "accidentally"  mounts her and still they're like omg noOO we are totally just partners in crime against the upcoming apocalypse . Anyways, M83 basically invented the vocal styling that Bon Iver is now super rich from***, so it's no surprise he does it better. "I Need You" boasts a strong chorus, spacey ambiance, and you guessed it, sax. Although I've just decided sax can be tacky when deployed incorrectly, and this veers dangerously close to that. Still, listen.

***don't be fooled, his homeless/amish clothes dEF came from Rag n Bone