Rae Morris - Do You Even Know

3/30/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

 Rae Morris is a kind and angelic lion. Jk, she's a British singer of the indie/electronic genre but would you look at that hair?!?! Amazing. When I look like that, people search for the short bus. **SIGH** Moving on, "Do You Even Know?" is the second single from this girl, and it's fresh and bouncy. The production reminds me so much of Frou Frou that I felt like I had to go watch Garden State again. Speaking of Imogen Heap, (aka the Indie Songstress who was lightyears ahead of her early 2000s time), the lyrics are serving up delightful stalker vibes. Ex. "Did you love someone to the bitter end? Do you even know that I keep everything?" Probably Rae Morris is singing about more philosophical things, but I like to imagine a crazy haired lady lurking outside her co-workers house: Like, maybe I rifled through your trash and saved your dentist checkup postcard and empty Corona bottles, WHATOFIT? Do You Even Know EP out May 6th.