Shlmo & Jeremih - No More

3/18/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

From this picture, I'd like to imagine that Shlomo and Jeremih are the Forest and Bubba of indie music. They dress the same, are besties, and seemingly possess less than average intelligence ("hey world I have this many fingers!"). Yet, like Forest and Bubba, these two are heading for success (ok, technically Bubba doesn't have success...this parallel should rest now). The marriage of Shlomo's soundscape and Jeremih's slow-burner falsetto is seductive and addicting. I also like the static in the background. I swear that wasn't meant to be sarcastic I do. While this stuff isn't necessarily original (Jeremih are you the Weeknd? His little brother?), it's high quality and worthy of your time. I promise.