Sia - Chandelier

3/18/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Sia, the ruler of the universe aka the genius behind Titanium, Wild Ones, Diamonds (curveball?), Pretty Hurts (CURVEBALL, that's right motherfuckers Beyonce doesn't know shit!! Sry, aggressive), has released a new song called "Chandelier". In this song, she basically sings the tale of college girls across the nation on a Friday night (unless you are a loser who studies***). It's definitely an anthem, although I NEVER want to be present for drunk girls attempting to sing this chorus. The fact that Sia can make what's essentially screeching sound good is a testament to her magical powers. Other good things about the song: the structure is cool, and the snare drum is front and center. Bad things: Maybe I am just thinking I hear this, but this track has a lot of similarities to Diamonds, especially in the beginning. Also Sia seems to be doing her best Riri impression until she is required to actually sing. But even so, I hope to see this song on the Top 40 asap. Sia 2016.

***Just kidding, if you study and don't live your life as a train wreck, I respect you a lot and wish I could be more like you #help ^^^