Jhene Aiko- Bed Peace (ft. Childish Gambino)

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Any song that sings about skipping work to wake and bake is going to be CHILL AS FUQ and something imma enjoy (ideally while doing the exact actions described). Jhene Aiko has won over the ears of such top artists as Drake, Miguel and now Childish Gambino. So basically if you're still doubting this girl's talent, you should just SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH. kidding.................... not rly. Her rhythm is better than most females in the R&B industry today and her effortless voice flows over the simplistic backbeat easier than adderall-infused punch flows at a Colgate party. You know she's good when I'm raving at her rhymes more than D̶o̶n̶a̶l̶d̶ ̶G̶l̶o̶v̶e̶r̶  T̶r̶o̶y̶ ̶B̶a̶r̶n̶e̶s̶ Childish Gambino. Although he kills it too in this song. 

ZHU- Paradise Awaits

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Two songs by one artist in one month?!? That's when you KNOW tunes4loons loves something. ZHU has been getting a lot of hype with his (their?) album dropping and we at  tunes4loons decided to jump on the already crowded bandwagon as well. Guess we're not as edgy as we think lol. But seriously, wherever this guy came from, he's, deservingly, rising to the top FAST. It wasn't long ago we raved about a song "Superfriends" by an Unknown genius. Well, guess who that unknown DJ was?!?!?!  SKIRLLEX!! jk, it's ZHU. I don't know what it is about this song, but when I listen to it I feel cooler than I actually am which is always a great feeling! Unfortunately ZHU has revealed his name and his album and that's basically all the information we have on the guy (band?) so far (other than his SoundCloud about section which reads "I'm born with this mighty sin.".... thx for really opening up to us, buddy!).In other words, ZHU is an international man of mystery who makes awesome music which you should listen to. End of story. 

Lui Dodds- Paper Planes

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At first glance at this song, I assumed it was some rando's attempt to improve and remix MIA's Paper Planes. Obvi, that can't be done so I was ready to skip it. However, I gave it a chance and was pleasantly surprised! So hopefully you'll read this description when scrolling and not almost pass it by like i did (hopefully, but prolly not. I get it. I can't read more than 2 sentences on the internet without my ADD acting up either) Lui Dodds has the perfect voice for electro-pop music and his voice oozes easily over the synth and strings (surprise, surprise, there's violin or cello or some shit in an indie song!). The build to the chorus gets you pumped up and the chorus is the MOST catchy, despite the fact that he repeats the phrase "I got to go" over and over which really just makes me think he wrote the song while having to pee. Scatalogical topic or not, this song is perfect to cruise to. 

J M R- Pioneer Of Your Heart

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By the intro, with it's solo, simple guitar strums, I assumed that JMR was probably that douchebag who thought playing Wagon Wheel while sitting on the quad in college meant that he was musical. The first 30 seconds literally sounds like a John Mayer cover band (sad that those probably exist). BUT, HANG IN THERE! Around 0:30 some edgy bass comes in and around 1:20 the song really gets good. He uses some well-placed strings (an element in electro-indie that is RAPIDLY becoming unoriginals) and you can't deny that his voice makes you want him to be that black-out decision you wake up to on a Sunday morning. The a cappella part at the end is UNREAL (like actually) and there's no way this is the last we hear of J M R (wutever da fuq those initials stand for)

Juun - When It's Alright (ft. Sam Smith)

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K imma be honest, Sam Smith has always been pretty boring to me. Sure, I like to scream Latch at parties along with the rest of the world, but I'm attributing that to the genius of Disclosure. Yes, he has a beautiful soulful voice, but whenever I hear that La la song on the radio, I consider how I could gouge my own eyeballs out without compromising changing lanes safely. Also your name is boring dude. You may ask why I am penning hate mail to Sam Smith while simultaneously putting forth one of his new songs. Well Tunes4Loons subscribers, I have had a revelation. Sam Smith sounds amazing on house music. And vice versa. I mean the fact that I am recommending HOUSE music without any sarcasm should say enough 2 u people. So, this is a partnership that should continue. Forever.

Ps. Juun, whoever you are. Your name looks like a Kindergartner struggled to spell the first month of summer. So maybe re-evaluate that. 


Brett - Golden

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Um so the chorus of this song is, "Haiiiiiii, do you wanna get highhhhhhh". Repeated over and over again. Yes I do Brett, thnx for asking. I am pretty into the summer beachy vibes of this song, although I am deducting points because the name of this band evokes images of a barely functional surfer burnout. But honestly, maybe that's who they are. For example (sry for my usage of the most popular phrase in 3rd grader's first "essays"), there is a line in this song that says, "I close my eyes to sleep, but how the hell am I supposed to sleep." Aside from the fact this is a semi-retarded piece of lyrical songwriting, it is simply false. Brett, you sleep by taking a fucking Xanax. Or smoking weed, an activity you reference for the majority of this song. #smh.  But, MAJOR points added because the beginning of "Golden" sounds like the mostly forgotten 80s masterpiece "I Think We're Alone Now." Tiffany, where are u now?!? 

MNEK - Every Little Word

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This 18 yr old from South London has been flitting around the electro-pop world for some time now working with artists like Disclosure, Gorgon City, Rudimental, and Duke Dumont.  Obvi he has musical chops with a rap sheet like that, but this break out single will silence any doubts. The song speaks for itself with a cool late 80s/early 90s pop feel and of course MNEK's sultry vocals to top it off. Perhaps, the repetition of "Do you F*CK to this shit??" in the background is a bit much- but like also I can dig it, I guess? As if the song weren't enough, MNEK has also released a video which seems to be a perfect representation of both this track and his general artisitc vision.** SPOILER ALERT: there is a Rick Ross impersonator on a toilet, a gospel choir, and MNEK sporting some serious throwback duds a la the Fresh Prince era. PLUS, he fills us in on how exactly to pronounce his name - EM EN EE KAY (thx dude I was really struggling). In sum, I would be willing to bet this guy does some pretty cool shit in the future. I mean have you seen his haircut?

**Unfortunately, the video is unavailable on Vevo but you can watch it on BuzzFeed right hurr. http://www.buzzfeed.com/naomizeichner/mnek-every-little-word-video 

Neon Trees - Sleeping With a Friend (The Chainsmokers Remix)

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Okay let's set some things straight. Everyone knows The Chainsmokers right now for that god awful song that makes my ears bleed and fills me with the overwhelming urge to punch the girl who narrates the whole thing. Srsly betch, run and hide. I'm talking about #Selfie for those of you who live under rocks (I envy you, btw). HOWEVER, let it be known that this notoriety is a travesty given that I have been borderline obsessed with The Chainsmokers for essentially every other song they have produced. So wtf guys, next time you decide to release a single that will be on iTunes top ten for a nauseatingly long time, just do better. That being said, their remix of Neon Trees' "Sleeping With a Friend" is just another example of their ability to revamp a mediocre indie song into any raver's wet dream. Plus, they're exceptionally nice to look at (see above)... so I forgive you, The Chainsmokers.

Lorde - Tennis Court (Flume Remix)

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So my first thought when I saw this was that "Tennis Court" has come and gone. It was dope and now I'm pretty much over it. But then I gave it a listen- like WOAH dude. Flume, who are you?? You are an alien and I love you. This rework is kind of reminiscent of his remix of Disclosure's "You and Me," but still equally inventive and just completely takes Lorde's minimalist track to new heights. My only complaint is the lengthy intro that sounds like a combination of landing on Mars and all of the weird shit that Kid Cudi has been releasing for the past 3 years (RIP Cudder). I guess it sets the mood or whatever, but for those impatient souls like me, skip to 1:00 where the magic begins. Basically I have now concluded that Flume can do no wrong and I will never doubt him again. #Flume4Prez

GOLDHOUSE - FeelGood (Pierce Fulton Remix)

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Happy Thursday Errybody! For those of you who have given up your weekday grind (or never really got on it #guilty), I present you the song to which you will make bad decisions tonight. WAHOO. I feel no strong affinity for this song but it's got all that club thumping shit that makes people "feel good" and give no fux sooo I'll probably be like YAASSSS when it comes on in like T-6 hours. Just ignore that slightly grating PeeWee Herman quality to this dude's voice and down some more fireball (letsbehonest, people who like this song also probably drink a lot of fireball. myself included. ain't no shame.) Here's to the freakin weekenddd! kind of. 

Claire - Games

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Plot twist these people are German. So yeah. I'm assuming that girl's (who is kind of channeling hipster tranny if I'm being honest) name is Claire. Imagine if her name was actually Pauline and Claire was German for like, kale forever. Or Beanie. K, moving on, this is a cute little ditty. Even tho that word makes me want to vom, it is applicable. There are some fun synths and a catchy chorus. It's not about to take over the radio but you could probably jam in the car to it. I'm finding it pretty comical that the angsty boy in the funeral attire and black gages has to tell people he's in a pop band. Prolly why he looks so mad. New EP Broken Promise Land out now.  

ZHU - Faded (ft. Sean Dee)

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A few moons ago, we posted a song called Superfriends by a creepily-anonymous "producer," aka some dude in his basement. Lo and behold, because this is the age of the internet, NOTHING IS SECRET FOR LONG*****. So now we know this dude's name is Zhu, (SooooOO informative) and he has released another song called Faded. Even if you didn't know who did this, you could probably tell it was the same guy. Faded contains similar sketchy house vibes to Superfriends. I feel like this song could soundtrack a teen drama right before the dumb high school girl roofies herself at a club and the boy comes to save her. AKA I wish this song played when Marissa almost dies in TJ. Also a cool rapper man is present on this remix, and his "flow" is pretty good. Play this late late night aka a time when even your name is uncertain to u.

*** including the 8th grade photoshoot where I thought it was cool to use my black friend's bronzer. #SMH

Lane 8 - Nothing You Can Say (ft. Lucy Stone) (Baio Remix)

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Today, I give you sleepy house music. I think the perfect deployment of this song (and my life) would be in the car to the beach cruisin /top down (I will  drive some sort of luxury vehicle) /wearin a new romper from a Shopbop sale. Maybe I got some new glasses too. It would be sunny and 83 degrees. I would have an insanely well paying job, but it would be Tuesday and I'm going to the beach, so life is honestly fucking amazing. Tragically, this scenario is fictional, but this song is not so listen to it.  Honestly, I cannot really discern a difference between this remix and the original, but I heard this first so I'm postin it. I guess I should say some stuff about the music. There are island-y vibes and angelic vocals. See4urself.

Nelly- Ride With Me (Viceroy Remix)

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I know when you saw "Nelly" your inner-middle-school girl squealed even harder than when you saw our JoJo interview (sry Jo, Nelly's got you beat: He's got a good 70 pounds more muscle, is sans record-label dispute and has tattoos that actually mean something substantial, not just "I got this outline of the world on my wrist to remind me that the world is in the palm of my hand"-- too much too soon JoJo!). Back to my homeboy Nelly, Viceroy treated this masterpiece of a song with the delicacy it deserves, keeping the rhymes and adding a catchy 80's-style synth. Literally can't imagine a greater throwback party jam than this for sunny darties and late-night dancing on picnic tables. Impress your friends with your knowledge of new music while also reminding them that, NBD, you've known the lyrics to every Nelly songs since you were still repping Livestrong bracelets. Really don't need to say much about this track, if the title alone doesn't have you pressing play then you probably shouldn't be on this blog. Go back to Camelback or whatever shitty blog you came from.  

Clean Bandit - Extraordinary (ft. Sharna Bass)

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Those confused little faces are about to take over the universe. Their monster hit Rather Be not only debuted at #1 in their homeland the UK, but it's been blowin up at college campuses across Obama's Great Land --HEY DAD DID YOU JUST HAVE A HEART ATTACK!? ;)  ---. Hopefully, in 7 months, we can all listen to Clean Bandit on the radio, sandwiched between Chris Brown and 1D, and wish they had never released music. See: Lorde & fucking Royals. But before the inevitable backlash, let us turn our attention to their newest single "Extraordinary." As Aziz as Kanye would say: these beats are dope. It starts off as a piano driven ballad featuring the vocals of Sharna Bass (aka Super Bass spoken by your drunk grandpa), and builds into a dancey club banger. It's simple and bouncy. I also love that they still use strings. U rok don't change Clean Bandit. Album New Eyes out June 2nd.

Prinze George - This Time

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Prinze George strikes again. Not only does the cutest aristocratic bb-blob around spin his own beats, he possesses the voice of an angelic club angel. JK!!!!!!!!! One can dream. Third song out, and these people have yet to fuck up. Basically, in the shitstorm of terrible music promoted on HypeMachine***, they are a magical unicorn. Additionally, I appreciate the fact that this track sounds so different from previous single "Victor." This happens pretty rarely in music, especially because record companies know they can make $$$$ from releasing the same song with different words (EXCEPT FLO RIDA. I love every version of Get Low you have put out since 2007. Never change). "This Time" is bouncier / less depressing, and the vocals have changed a little to suit an electro-pop atmosphere. It's a little repetitive, but so is Say by John Mayer, and people like that shit.  

***I actually like HypeMachine, but they refuse to aggregate this blog so they are dead 2 me


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T4L: What have you been listening to lately?
JOJO: I've been really liking deep house and trance, I've been listening to like Kaskade and Deadmau5, really love Disclosure, even like Wu-Tang Klan, um ASAP and SchoolboyQ...so like, hip-hop and trance.

T4L: What was your favorite album of the last year, besides your own?
JOJO: Well, I haven't really put out an official album in a long time (AKA THROWS SHADE AT HER DRACONIAN RECORD LABEL) but my EP, and I don't even think about myself in the equation (girl u so humble), I guess I would say Kendrick Lamar. It's just so solid.

T4L: And what was the inspiration for your EP?
JOJO: I wanted to give a small token of appreciation to the people that have been so supportive and understanding during this time and I was with my label for 10 years and I was basically just in a very confusing messed up situation....so I wanted to express myself, and channel the freedom that I was feeling and the creativity that I was feeling into music, so I wanted to pay homage to some artists that inspired me. I didn't think that -- have you heard it?

T4L: Yeah. 
JOJO: So I didn't think that it was even right for me to consider doing an Anita Baker song, because she's just like one of the best vocalists in the world but I wanted to give it a try. And so I just put my own kind of spin, and more forward thinking modern 2014 perspective on reinterpreting the songs. So, yeah I just wanted to sing because I hadn't felt so alive in a long time.

T4L: What was the funniest or craziest thing that happened when you filmed MTV Cribs?
JOJO: Oh my god. Oh my god -- the fucking spinny thing. Guys, the thing is, that wasn't my house. We didn't have a house at the time. That was like a summer house, it wasn't even my summer house. It was my Uncle Scott's summer house, and MTV wanted to do a Cribs, and we were like, let's go to the house that the family goes to. We didn't have a house, we were still very poor. We were living in an apartment and everything in New Jersey. So yeah, that's the truth behind it.

T4L: Who would you love to do a duet with and why?
JOJO: There are so many people that I'd love to collaborate with; Drake, for sure. I'd love to work with Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar. There's so many great people out there doing amazing stuff so yeah, those are probably my three.

T4L: Who is your celebrity crush?
JOJO: Jason Momoa. He's on Game of Thrones.

T4L: Which one is he?
JOJO: Guys -- I don't think he's on the show anymore.

T4L: Is it Khal Drogo?
JOJO: YEAH. It's insane, he's like chiseled -- a block of marble. Yeah, so that's him.

T4L: What was your funniest interaction with a fan?
JOJO: Oh gosh, there are so many. I don't know. It's hard to say, because I -- I put out my first album ten years ago. It's interesting as I've gone from being a child doing this to being an adult, so now people wanna like, smoke blunts with me. It's like hilarious -- Oh my god I can't believe we've grown up together.

T4L: What is the biggest piece of advice you would give to who is starting out as young as you did?
JOJO: As a singer? I would say you need good people around you. If you don't have a good family or you don't have like a strong parental influence, then I hope they can find other ways to stay grounded. I'm thankful that I did have my mom to really stay on top of me and make sure that I put school as a priority, and made sure that my development as a human was prioritized before being a pop star. I'd just say, try to keep that in mind, because at the end of the day you need to be able to handle the ups and downs, and weather the storm, and not crumble from it. You need to make sure that you have a foundation in something. I have a foundation in my faith, with my family, so I think that even if I go out on a ledge, or if I do turn up I come right back. Because I know what's most important to me. It can be very easy to lose perspective, so I would just say: Use your brain.

T4L: When did you know that you had made it in the industry?
JOJO: Well, when the first single went #1, I was in London, and I found out that it went #1 in America. I don't really think about it like that though, because I consider myself a new artist. You know I'm working on my new album right now, with the new company and everything, and I just feel like a new artist with the experience of a vet. But I certainly don't feel like I've arrived -- I feel like I'm on my way.

Then we talked about Jojo's tats, but since you don't know what they look like, transcribing our convo of this is useless and similar to discussing the concept of water with pre-Annie Sullivan Helen Keller.

T4L: When did you get your first tattoo?
JOJO: I was seventeen. My mom was pissed.

T4L: How does she feel about them now?
JOJO: She hates them. Eh, she doesn't hate them. She's like, "Oh, you're expressing yourself, I get it." but you know, she's of the mindset of: what about when you're old and wrinkly? And the things is, we'll all have tattoos. You know what I'm saying?! It'll be so normal. It's just like having designs on your nails. It's just another way to express yourself, it's another form of art for me.


Gale or Peeta?
At this moment, JoJo paused in uncomfortable silence, probably thinking we had just asked her which obscure club drug she preferred. We then phrased it as:

 Liam Hemsworth or The other boy?
Liam is fine, I like Liam.

Taylor Swift or Katy Perry?
I love Taylor.

Beatles or Stones?

Biggie or Tupac?

Top or Bottom?

Red or White Wine?

Tequila or Whiskey?
Whiskey. As of late.

T4L: Do you like Fireball?
JOJO: I love Fireball whiskey. Have you ever had Angry Balls? What it is, it's Angry Orchard hard cider with a shot of Fireball. You're welcome! It's gonna change your life, it's so amazing. It's so smooth, if you have it with like -- normally I either wanna drink or I wanna eat. Like, if I'm eating I wanna have water or a Diet Coke or something. But when I'm drinking --- it's so satisfying, you're gonna love it.

First Aid Kit - My Silver Lining

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Look at those ladies!! Besides being Free People and Urban Outfitters wet dream combined, the 19th century hippies of First Aid Kit also look like someone I know who I can't identify. If you are that person, plz let me know because it's bothering me. Also sry that I can't connect your name with your face. "My Silver Lining" is the first song FAK (what a great acronym amirite? mom! the meatloaf! FAK!) has released in 3 years, which is pretty fucking terrible, because they ROCK. This song makes me feel like I should be crossing the Rocky Mountains in a covered wagon with some Indians. But Tunes4loons, you're probably saying, "Why would I want such music on my rage playlist!?" Well, Laura Ingalls Wilder, you fucking do. My theory on the genius of FAK this: if your production sounds like a combination the Dark Ages/Medieval time period and Edward Sharpe (who I hate duh), and your vocals sound like a manly Dolly Parton, AND your music is still catchy Af, that's an all around victory. So keep it up FAK. New album "Stay Gold" out June 10th. 

Chet Faker - Talk Is Cheap

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Firstly, I would like to pay homage to Chet Faker's seemingly natural ombre facial hair. Who knew it was possible to possess both espresso locks and a fiery ginger beard? Also, besides mocking his hipster lumberjack appearance, we will discuss his new song "Talk Is Cheap." Props Chet Faker on your production. Even sans Flume, you manage to impress me. There's some pleasant "hold-plz" sax music, wind instruments of some sort, and of course, (the ever-expanding and convoluted term) SYNTHS. Honestly, if I can't name the sound it will be called a synth. So sry. Besides that, I'm having some problems with the lyrics. Does this man have Tourettes? There is no other explanation for the lines, "You're a mouthful / Now I'm a novel made resourceful" Just...wut. Debut album "Built on Glass" out this month

Hozier - From Eden

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Hozier attained immediate success with the release of his irreverent and haunting single "Take me to Church". However, "From Eden" veers refreshingly away from weighty political commentary into the realm of folky, upbeat love songs. I imagine him playing this in his local watering hole, the love of his life in the audience staring back at him moony-eyed hearing it for the first time. She's all like "ah! you love me even though I'm tragically flawed 'cause it's actually, like, endearing, right?" and he's like "You're the tortured soul that fuels my artistic fire. So yeah, I'll keep you." Don't pretend like you don't also craft elaborate imaginary love stories in your spare time. srynotsry. But for real, I truly love this song. It's like pushing a happy button and basking in the sunshiney glory of Hozier's voice. #hozierfurlyfe  

Sky Ferreira - You're Not The One (Cid Rim Remix)

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In my opinion, a remix is most successful when it completely transforms a song. And not simply by adding some club banging EDM nonsense on top (and I say this being an unabashed raver). Cid Rim - whoever you are - Bravo, sir, you have met my standards. This remake of Miss Ferreira's most popular song is completely stripped of its grunge rock sound and instead joins the ranks of electro-pop genius. Whatever that electronic harpsichord thing is - it's pure gold. And the cough/drop combo at 1:29 is equally bizarre and awesome (listen and you will understand). Despite the instrumental overhaul, the catchy melody remains largely intact and Sky's voice rings gritty and angelic throughout. This definitely deserves at least an obligatory listen. 

RAC - Hard to Hold (ft. Tegan & Sara)

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Hi, I'm RAC's number one fan. It is pretty much 100% guaranteed that I will like every bouncy little ditty that they release. No doubt their specialty is remixes, however their first original creation "Hollywood" ft. Penguin Prison was MODEF my summer anthem of 2012 and to this day is my favorite track of theirs. Unfortunately, my allegiance to RAC couldn't make me adore their recently dropped album "Strangers." It is definitely a solid effort full of what they do best - poppy, happy go lucky tunes perfect for driving with the windows down - however, it doesn't quite triumph over their previous remix glory. Being the most catchy song on the album and featuring indie princesses Tegan & Sara, "Hard to Hold" deserves a shout out. It will catapult you into spring with some feel good vibes. Also receiving honorable mention is their collab with St. Lucia titled "Ready For It." Although it drags just a smidge in my opinion, homeboy's voice makes me feel like I'm on some serious uppers (I mean that in a sincerely positive way). Fear not RAC, I am your perpetual fan girl. Here's to hoping their sophomore effort brings a little more to celebrate...

Sam Smith - Stay With Me

4/02/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Disclaimer: There is a great divide amongst the T4L team on the topic of Sam Smith. I am flabbergasted. So we will not even broach the subject, just trust that all things created by this British god will touch a small part of your soul. 

That being said, I'm still shocked that we have yet to post on my boy Sam, especially after his utterly gorgeous acoustic cover of "Latch" debuted last summer. Alas, singing his praises is long overdue. Where do I begin? Sam, how did you get so poignant? Your voice equals emotional overload. You turn me into a 13 yr old girl who squeals and sighs and can only use phrases like "OHEMGEE I CAN'T EVEN. I'M DYING RIGHT NOW. I DIED." to express just how unworldly you are. That falsetto could make Simon Cowell cry. And ughh your lyrics. I just want to hold you and let you cry on my shoulder and I won't even be uncomfortable with it. I promise. This is probably because I was pretty convinced our little songbird was gay (no straight man sings like a baby cupid right?) - but PLOT TWIST, he's apparently dating a model! Get it, SAM. This news is not at all relevant to his musical prowess but so very clutch for keeping my dreams alive. Marry me, Sam. I digress, but if you're someone who enjoys beautiful melodies over heart wrenching piano chords and touching lyrics, then receive the gift of Sam Smith with open arms. If you do not love these things, you are dead inside and I pity you. Happy listening!

PS- If you're tryna become next level obsessed like me, listen to "Nirvana" ASAP. The most aptly named song in history; it is sheer bliss. 

BebeRexha - I Can't Stop Drinking About You

4/02/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

ATTN: This is most definitely an anthem for functioning alcholics, lonely hearts, betches (did the mirror selfie tip you off?), and all dysfunctional souls out there, a song for the masses, really. Although no self respecting human would endorse the lyrics "so pour a shot in my glass 'cause it makes everything better" as their personal slogan, I know you identify in secret. So good for you, Bebe, nothing like a little refresher course in the merits of binge drinking. But lyrics aside, just waiting for the drop @ 1:00 is kinda worth it (I wish I was kidding). All good judgment aside, I'm gonna fully admit that I love this song and go join the dregs of society... cause who's ever had more fun sober than ripping shots? That's right. No one. 

The Hood Internet - Higher Greens (Schoolboy Q vs. Just Blaze & Baauer)

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I thought the original banger "Higher" from duo Just Blaze and Baauer needed no improvement. I was wrong. The Hood Internet did them both a solid by layering on some Schoolboy Q (and is that a Kendrick feature I hear??). The cadence of the chorus syncs perfectly with the heavy trap beat, aka it's catchy as fuck. Play this in your sweaty frat basement party or listen on repeat if you're tryna run circa 8 miles. Whatever you're into. But for real, these beats are DOPE (shout out Aziz impersonating Kanye). Keep doin you The Hood Internet- the mashup lives to die another day.