Brett - Golden

4/25/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Um so the chorus of this song is, "Haiiiiiii, do you wanna get highhhhhhh". Repeated over and over again. Yes I do Brett, thnx for asking. I am pretty into the summer beachy vibes of this song, although I am deducting points because the name of this band evokes images of a barely functional surfer burnout. But honestly, maybe that's who they are. For example (sry for my usage of the most popular phrase in 3rd grader's first "essays"), there is a line in this song that says, "I close my eyes to sleep, but how the hell am I supposed to sleep." Aside from the fact this is a semi-retarded piece of lyrical songwriting, it is simply false. Brett, you sleep by taking a fucking Xanax. Or smoking weed, an activity you reference for the majority of this song. #smh.  But, MAJOR points added because the beginning of "Golden" sounds like the mostly forgotten 80s masterpiece "I Think We're Alone Now." Tiffany, where are u now?!?