GOLDHOUSE - FeelGood (Pierce Fulton Remix)

4/24/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Happy Thursday Errybody! For those of you who have given up your weekday grind (or never really got on it #guilty), I present you the song to which you will make bad decisions tonight. WAHOO. I feel no strong affinity for this song but it's got all that club thumping shit that makes people "feel good" and give no fux sooo I'll probably be like YAASSSS when it comes on in like T-6 hours. Just ignore that slightly grating PeeWee Herman quality to this dude's voice and down some more fireball (letsbehonest, people who like this song also probably drink a lot of fireball. myself included. ain't no shame.) Here's to the freakin weekenddd! kind of.