Hozier - From Eden

4/04/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Hozier attained immediate success with the release of his irreverent and haunting single "Take me to Church". However, "From Eden" veers refreshingly away from weighty political commentary into the realm of folky, upbeat love songs. I imagine him playing this in his local watering hole, the love of his life in the audience staring back at him moony-eyed hearing it for the first time. She's all like "ah! you love me even though I'm tragically flawed 'cause it's actually, like, endearing, right?" and he's like "You're the tortured soul that fuels my artistic fire. So yeah, I'll keep you." Don't pretend like you don't also craft elaborate imaginary love stories in your spare time. srynotsry. But for real, I truly love this song. It's like pushing a happy button and basking in the sunshiney glory of Hozier's voice. #hozierfurlyfe