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T4L: What have you been listening to lately?
JOJO: I've been really liking deep house and trance, I've been listening to like Kaskade and Deadmau5, really love Disclosure, even like Wu-Tang Klan, um ASAP and like, hip-hop and trance.

T4L: What was your favorite album of the last year, besides your own?
JOJO: Well, I haven't really put out an official album in a long time (AKA THROWS SHADE AT HER DRACONIAN RECORD LABEL) but my EP, and I don't even think about myself in the equation (girl u so humble), I guess I would say Kendrick Lamar. It's just so solid.

T4L: And what was the inspiration for your EP?
JOJO: I wanted to give a small token of appreciation to the people that have been so supportive and understanding during this time and I was with my label for 10 years and I was basically just in a very confusing messed up I wanted to express myself, and channel the freedom that I was feeling and the creativity that I was feeling into music, so I wanted to pay homage to some artists that inspired me. I didn't think that -- have you heard it?

T4L: Yeah. 
JOJO: So I didn't think that it was even right for me to consider doing an Anita Baker song, because she's just like one of the best vocalists in the world but I wanted to give it a try. And so I just put my own kind of spin, and more forward thinking modern 2014 perspective on reinterpreting the songs. So, yeah I just wanted to sing because I hadn't felt so alive in a long time.

T4L: What was the funniest or craziest thing that happened when you filmed MTV Cribs?
JOJO: Oh my god. Oh my god -- the fucking spinny thing. Guys, the thing is, that wasn't my house. We didn't have a house at the time. That was like a summer house, it wasn't even my summer house. It was my Uncle Scott's summer house, and MTV wanted to do a Cribs, and we were like, let's go to the house that the family goes to. We didn't have a house, we were still very poor. We were living in an apartment and everything in New Jersey. So yeah, that's the truth behind it.

T4L: Who would you love to do a duet with and why?
JOJO: There are so many people that I'd love to collaborate with; Drake, for sure. I'd love to work with Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar. There's so many great people out there doing amazing stuff so yeah, those are probably my three.

T4L: Who is your celebrity crush?
JOJO: Jason Momoa. He's on Game of Thrones.

T4L: Which one is he?
JOJO: Guys -- I don't think he's on the show anymore.

T4L: Is it Khal Drogo?
JOJO: YEAH. It's insane, he's like chiseled -- a block of marble. Yeah, so that's him.

T4L: What was your funniest interaction with a fan?
JOJO: Oh gosh, there are so many. I don't know. It's hard to say, because I -- I put out my first album ten years ago. It's interesting as I've gone from being a child doing this to being an adult, so now people wanna like, smoke blunts with me. It's like hilarious -- Oh my god I can't believe we've grown up together.

T4L: What is the biggest piece of advice you would give to who is starting out as young as you did?
JOJO: As a singer? I would say you need good people around you. If you don't have a good family or you don't have like a strong parental influence, then I hope they can find other ways to stay grounded. I'm thankful that I did have my mom to really stay on top of me and make sure that I put school as a priority, and made sure that my development as a human was prioritized before being a pop star. I'd just say, try to keep that in mind, because at the end of the day you need to be able to handle the ups and downs, and weather the storm, and not crumble from it. You need to make sure that you have a foundation in something. I have a foundation in my faith, with my family, so I think that even if I go out on a ledge, or if I do turn up I come right back. Because I know what's most important to me. It can be very easy to lose perspective, so I would just say: Use your brain.

T4L: When did you know that you had made it in the industry?
JOJO: Well, when the first single went #1, I was in London, and I found out that it went #1 in America. I don't really think about it like that though, because I consider myself a new artist. You know I'm working on my new album right now, with the new company and everything, and I just feel like a new artist with the experience of a vet. But I certainly don't feel like I've arrived -- I feel like I'm on my way.

Then we talked about Jojo's tats, but since you don't know what they look like, transcribing our convo of this is useless and similar to discussing the concept of water with pre-Annie Sullivan Helen Keller.

T4L: When did you get your first tattoo?
JOJO: I was seventeen. My mom was pissed.

T4L: How does she feel about them now?
JOJO: She hates them. Eh, she doesn't hate them. She's like, "Oh, you're expressing yourself, I get it." but you know, she's of the mindset of: what about when you're old and wrinkly? And the things is, we'll all have tattoos. You know what I'm saying?! It'll be so normal. It's just like having designs on your nails. It's just another way to express yourself, it's another form of art for me.


Gale or Peeta?
At this moment, JoJo paused in uncomfortable silence, probably thinking we had just asked her which obscure club drug she preferred. We then phrased it as:

 Liam Hemsworth or The other boy?
Liam is fine, I like Liam.

Taylor Swift or Katy Perry?
I love Taylor.

Beatles or Stones?

Biggie or Tupac?

Top or Bottom?

Red or White Wine?

Tequila or Whiskey?
Whiskey. As of late.

T4L: Do you like Fireball?
JOJO: I love Fireball whiskey. Have you ever had Angry Balls? What it is, it's Angry Orchard hard cider with a shot of Fireball. You're welcome! It's gonna change your life, it's so amazing. It's so smooth, if you have it with like -- normally I either wanna drink or I wanna eat. Like, if I'm eating I wanna have water or a Diet Coke or something. But when I'm drinking --- it's so satisfying, you're gonna love it.