J M R- Pioneer Of Your Heart

4/29/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

By the intro, with it's solo, simple guitar strums, I assumed that JMR was probably that douchebag who thought playing Wagon Wheel while sitting on the quad in college meant that he was musical. The first 30 seconds literally sounds like a John Mayer cover band (sad that those probably exist). BUT, HANG IN THERE! Around 0:30 some edgy bass comes in and around 1:20 the song really gets good. He uses some well-placed strings (an element in electro-indie that is RAPIDLY becoming unoriginals) and you can't deny that his voice makes you want him to be that black-out decision you wake up to on a Sunday morning. The a cappella part at the end is UNREAL (like actually) and there's no way this is the last we hear of J M R (wutever da fuq those initials stand for)