Lane 8 - Nothing You Can Say (ft. Lucy Stone) (Baio Remix)

4/17/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Today, I give you sleepy house music. I think the perfect deployment of this song (and my life) would be in the car to the beach cruisin /top down (I will  drive some sort of luxury vehicle) /wearin a new romper from a Shopbop sale. Maybe I got some new glasses too. It would be sunny and 83 degrees. I would have an insanely well paying job, but it would be Tuesday and I'm going to the beach, so life is honestly fucking amazing. Tragically, this scenario is fictional, but this song is not so listen to it.  Honestly, I cannot really discern a difference between this remix and the original, but I heard this first so I'm postin it. I guess I should say some stuff about the music. There are island-y vibes and angelic vocals. See4urself.