Nelly- Ride With Me (Viceroy Remix)

4/13/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I know when you saw "Nelly" your inner-middle-school girl squealed even harder than when you saw our JoJo interview (sry Jo, Nelly's got you beat: He's got a good 70 pounds more muscle, is sans record-label dispute and has tattoos that actually mean something substantial, not just "I got this outline of the world on my wrist to remind me that the world is in the palm of my hand"-- too much too soon JoJo!). Back to my homeboy Nelly, Viceroy treated this masterpiece of a song with the delicacy it deserves, keeping the rhymes and adding a catchy 80's-style synth. Literally can't imagine a greater throwback party jam than this for sunny darties and late-night dancing on picnic tables. Impress your friends with your knowledge of new music while also reminding them that, NBD, you've known the lyrics to every Nelly songs since you were still repping Livestrong bracelets. Really don't need to say much about this track, if the title alone doesn't have you pressing play then you probably shouldn't be on this blog. Go back to Camelback or whatever shitty blog you came from.