Prinze George - This Time

4/08/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Prinze George strikes again. Not only does the cutest aristocratic bb-blob around spin his own beats, he possesses the voice of an angelic club angel. JK!!!!!!!!! One can dream. Third song out, and these people have yet to fuck up. Basically, in the shitstorm of terrible music promoted on HypeMachine***, they are a magical unicorn. Additionally, I appreciate the fact that this track sounds so different from previous single "Victor." This happens pretty rarely in music, especially because record companies know they can make $$$$ from releasing the same song with different words (EXCEPT FLO RIDA. I love every version of Get Low you have put out since 2007. Never change). "This Time" is bouncier / less depressing, and the vocals have changed a little to suit an electro-pop atmosphere. It's a little repetitive, but so is Say by John Mayer, and people like that shit.  

***I actually like HypeMachine, but they refuse to aggregate this blog so they are dead 2 me