Sam Smith - Stay With Me

4/02/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Disclaimer: There is a great divide amongst the T4L team on the topic of Sam Smith. I am flabbergasted. So we will not even broach the subject, just trust that all things created by this British god will touch a small part of your soul. 

That being said, I'm still shocked that we have yet to post on my boy Sam, especially after his utterly gorgeous acoustic cover of "Latch" debuted last summer. Alas, singing his praises is long overdue. Where do I begin? Sam, how did you get so poignant? Your voice equals emotional overload. You turn me into a 13 yr old girl who squeals and sighs and can only use phrases like "OHEMGEE I CAN'T EVEN. I'M DYING RIGHT NOW. I DIED." to express just how unworldly you are. That falsetto could make Simon Cowell cry. And ughh your lyrics. I just want to hold you and let you cry on my shoulder and I won't even be uncomfortable with it. I promise. This is probably because I was pretty convinced our little songbird was gay (no straight man sings like a baby cupid right?) - but PLOT TWIST, he's apparently dating a model! Get it, SAM. This news is not at all relevant to his musical prowess but so very clutch for keeping my dreams alive. Marry me, Sam. I digress, but if you're someone who enjoys beautiful melodies over heart wrenching piano chords and touching lyrics, then receive the gift of Sam Smith with open arms. If you do not love these things, you are dead inside and I pity you. Happy listening!

PS- If you're tryna become next level obsessed like me, listen to "Nirvana" ASAP. The most aptly named song in history; it is sheer bliss.