ZHU - Faded (ft. Sean Dee)

4/17/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

A few moons ago, we posted a song called Superfriends by a creepily-anonymous "producer," aka some dude in his basement. Lo and behold, because this is the age of the internet, NOTHING IS SECRET FOR LONG*****. So now we know this dude's name is Zhu, (SooooOO informative) and he has released another song called Faded. Even if you didn't know who did this, you could probably tell it was the same guy. Faded contains similar sketchy house vibes to Superfriends. I feel like this song could soundtrack a teen drama right before the dumb high school girl roofies herself at a club and the boy comes to save her. AKA I wish this song played when Marissa almost dies in TJ. Also a cool rapper man is present on this remix, and his "flow" is pretty good. Play this late late night aka a time when even your name is uncertain to u.

*** including the 8th grade photoshoot where I thought it was cool to use my black friend's bronzer. #SMH