ZHU- Paradise Awaits

4/29/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Two songs by one artist in one month?!? That's when you KNOW tunes4loons loves something. ZHU has been getting a lot of hype with his (their?) album dropping and we at  tunes4loons decided to jump on the already crowded bandwagon as well. Guess we're not as edgy as we think lol. But seriously, wherever this guy came from, he's, deservingly, rising to the top FAST. It wasn't long ago we raved about a song "Superfriends" by an Unknown genius. Well, guess who that unknown DJ was?!?!?!  SKIRLLEX!! jk, it's ZHU. I don't know what it is about this song, but when I listen to it I feel cooler than I actually am which is always a great feeling! Unfortunately ZHU has revealed his name and his album and that's basically all the information we have on the guy (band?) so far (other than his SoundCloud about section which reads "I'm born with this mighty sin.".... thx for really opening up to us, buddy!).In other words, ZHU is an international man of mystery who makes awesome music which you should listen to. End of story.