Rae Morris- Cold (Feat. Fryars)

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Shouting out to my homegirl from Australia, Rae Morris, again (btw, what kind of a name is Rae? The only thing I can think of when I think of "Rae" is a cute, younger, emotionally-mature Dakota Fanning being taken care of by a lovable Brittany Murphy-- R.I.P. Tai Frasier, the token brainless betch). But srsly, this girl rocks. Her single last month Do You Even Know was an effortless hit and this collaboration with Fryars shows she's not just a one hit wonder. The sleigh bells during the chorus paired with both Morris' AND Fryars' dreamy, faded vocals makes this an instant chill track to relax to. The beginning is eerie and unsettling and sad and I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT. Rae Morris is like Lorde but cooler with better production and way, way, way, way, way, way (u get it) less exposure (f u radio culture, u kill so many song for me. Seriously, it's a problem. Turn on the radio right now and there is a 95% chance All of Me will be playing on at least two different stations.... smh). Sorry for the rant, as you can see, the reality of postgrad is taking a toll on my mental state... but ANYWAYZ, listen to dis track. iz good.

Arum Rae - Warranted Queen

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You know in dumb rom coms, in the middle of the movie when idk it's revealed that the girl has been lying about being half mermaid or something and the boy gets mad at her and they are apart and everything is miserable for like 4 minutes before they get back together?? This song would play. It's kinda sad, has a good electric drum pattern, and makes me want to be pensive. Also it's sort of reminding me of the Lumineers, if they were girls. I think it's the backing vocals. Moving on, I'm not sure if this girl took all the letters from her name Tom Marvalo Riddle /Lord Voldemort style and created a new identity, but I cannot imagine anyone not intoxicated or having a stroke would name their kid "Arum Rae." If that is truly the case, sry. At least your name isn't Emily. I would additionally like to say that lyrically everything about this song is making me confused. In the chorus I hear, "My mouth on your spoon/Goodnight Rick/Red balloon" If those aren't the words, guuurllllll enunciate because no one should hear "rick" if you are singing "moon." Or something else that's not the name of a kid's book lol.

TEEMID & Julia - Love At First Sight (Kylie Minogue Cover)

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Since I'm not European and fucking old I don't really listen to Kylie Minogue. So I have not heard the real version, but honestly, I bet it's worse than this. TEEMID you should not be shy, because this song feels like how I imagine eating frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity's blazed would taste like. It's basically perfect. And the background music that happens right before the chorus sounds like little stars are having a dance party. I deduct points only because I think the beginning bears too much resemblance to John Legend's "All Of Me," a song which for me evokes palpable rage when I hear even just 8 bars of it. whaaaat woulddd II ddoo without yourrrr --- OOPS HIT U WITH A CAR SRY MY B. TEEMID I hope you have some more songs that you actually wrote too, or else I will be sad. And Julia --well , your name is just Julia so prob nvr hear bout you again, but I like ur voice a lot.

Guy Sebastian - Like A Drum (The Chainsmokers Remix)

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Soo I wasn't gonna post this because doing so would make me a Chainsmokers fanatic (see the other 1,000 posts on this blog featuring them). but YOLO. I like them, so what? Basically, this song is melodic, uplifting, and momentarily eclipses the paralyzing fear of graduating - which is BEYOND crucial. and homeboy's voice is just THE MOST. sorry if that conveys nothing to you (but also as a living being in 2014 it kinda should). Translation: he sing real good. But yeah, the best of EDM is alive and well in this collab so pump that wattage into yo cottage (yes I jacked that phrase from my college radio station's slogan, but I copped to it so whatever).

P.S. I realize I comment on artists' appearance a lot but this Guy (lol punny, get it?!) is sexayyyy. Sry I'm shallow, what of it??
Also wut r these ghost figures in gilded marshmallow suits...I would like to own one please. 

Ella Henderson - Ghost (Oliver Nelson Remix)

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This one goes out to everyone who quite litchralee feels like finals will be the end of their tragically young lives. Perhaps this poppy gem will help you see the light at the end of tunnel. OR for you f*ckrs who are already frolicking in fields with craft beer in hand (I irrationally despise you, btw) , I begrudgingly give you an addition to your generic darty playlist. Surprise surprise, this little songbird is british (SRLSY what is in the water over there? Brits crank out female indie/pop starlets like the Russians give us prepubescent gold metal winning gymnasts). But she's got a sassy, soulful sound and the production on this remix is very reminiscent of RAC, pretty much a standard recipe for making my ears feel happyyyyy. The chorus features the lines, "I keep going to the river to pray, cause I need something that can wash out the pain." I think she's singing about a dude who seriously fucked her over, but I'd rather pretend that she's praying that I can write this 12 pager in 4 hrs. Thx Ella, #solidarity. So I like her, plus she's like really pretty and I read somewhere that our brains are programmed to automatically like pretty people. It's science. NEway party on folks, see you on the other side...

La Roux - Let Me Down Gently

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LA ROUX LIVES. Or rather, she has finally released some music worth writing about! Srsly, lady I was worried you were doomed to be buried in a 2009 time capsule. You and Kate Nash would hang out in there and plot how you could murder Ellie Goulding. First let me warn the Bulletproof groupies, this is pretty much the opposite. You cannot jump around "singing" (screaming) to newest jam "Let Me Down Gently." That's not to diminish its greatness. First, her voice is weird and kind of awesome. Betcha it sounds bad live, but in the library, sounds amazin. There's sax. Not sayin any more about that. There is also a lot of lyrical genius going on here. Over some pretty solemn synths, La Roux sings, "Let me down gently/That's what I think I need/But when you let me down gently/it still feels hard." Ummm preach. Kind of obvi La Roux, but no less accurate. Although there are other lyrics that say, "I hope it doesn't seem/like I'm young, foolish, and green." And honestly, when I heard that, all I could think was that those were the semi-retarded cousin lyrics of Young and Wild and Free. But aside from that bizarre thing that prob no one but me hears**, this song rocks and you should like it.

*** Sry if I alerted you to this and now you cannot unhear it. We should form a club I guess. Or you could just hate me.

IYES - Toys (Demo)

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Ok, that cute little nugget is ovi not the singer of this somewhat sultry song, but it's the album art and I thought it was kind of amazing so I included it. That girl is basically saying with her eyes, "You try and take my Barbie from me and I'll fucking end you." Plus, pretty much all hPSTR band members resemble each other, so I'm sure you can picture the members of IYES (prob pronounced how normal people write eyes, but that's just a guess) just fine. Hint, they wear all black, look like they are brother and sister even tho they are probably dating, and exude melancholy. They also make good music. "Toys," which for the record sounds nothing like a demo, could be described as a slow jam for the indie electro crowd. It includes a slomoooo vocal loop, Atari sampling, and a fluttery lady voice singing, "Throw your toys at meeeeee." And maybe it's just me, but there's something kind of creepy about it. Actually, the more I listen intently, the more I am disturbed, so prob best not to think about it. Bonus points, IYES , for using the word "shan't". Shakespeare def gives you a pat on the back. 

Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong

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So I heard this on the janky radio station in the village in which I currently reside. I think it is worth noting I thought I'd picked up a really underrated gem when I ShaZamed it. I thought to myself, I will be the fairest hipster in the land when I tell the peasants of my discovery . Then I found out it was #6 on Itunes. But you know what, I'm DGAFing this round and posting it anyways BECAUSE ITS FUCKING GOOD. The video is a thing of art, and basically like Instagram jizzed all over Vevo (in a good way). Also it tells the tale of a man carrying around a TV who I assumed was African, because uh well the scenery evokes the plains of the Lion King and the tv has antennas. I thought this was uplifting and amazing. Then I found out these people are Norwegian. And like, I guess that's still cool but also maybe not that p.c because you are essentially masquerading as Africans with African music and I just. idk. I'm out.

Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars

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Love letter to Coldplay Part 3,
Dear Coldplay, 

I should have known when you produced a single with BadgalRiri that you were a short skip away from full fledged EDM. Next thing we know, you will be headlining Ultra. I imagine (if angsty Vevo comments about how Parachutes was ssoOOOO much better are any indicator) many of your fans are angry that you "sold out" and made a song with Avicii. I am here to assure you that they are stupid, and the worst hipsters ever, because FYI real hipsters already hate you. I think this song is amazing. It's radio friendly, has a great steady buildup, and sounds like quintessential Coldplay while remaining fresh and new. Furthermore, Avicii has the perfect amount of presence. Obviously this song doesn't sound like The Scientist, but it also doesn't evoke images of ravers foaming at the mouth to Tiesto. My only qualm is that the lyrics are pretty dumb, and include some of your classic buzzwords such as "stars" "heavenly" and "lights." Also Chris Martin I struggle to accept you singing about your undying love for someone WHEN YOU AND GWYNETH NO LONGER LOVE EACH OTHER. Aside from that,  A+. 

XOXOXOX,  Tunes4Loons

Sylvan Esso - Coffee

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I would first like to point out that there is a vast disconnect between that pic and the music that those (seemingly) crzy people have created. That lady looks like a Lady Gaga groupie off her meds and that man looks like a fired member of Fun. The music they make, however, sounds like laid back Moby with jazzy vocals. "Coffee" is by far their best song, and includes the vocal loop, "Get up, get down." (In a perfect world, Flo Rida would sample that part and craft a new song about vodka shots and hittin the dancefloor.) It's unassuming and pretty addicting. Also her voice is b-e-a-utiful. As for the appearance of Sylvan Esso versus their tunes, I think this schizophrenic vibe is an amazing thing. It's like having the Von Trap family come out onstage and instead of My Fav Things they bust out Fuck the Police*** Self-titled album out May 13th.

***I understand this would involve a time machine and the Von trap fam to be chill as F, but honestly, Maria was a nun who banged her employer so CRAZIER THINGS HAVE HAPPENED