Arum Rae - Warranted Queen

5/17/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

You know in dumb rom coms, in the middle of the movie when idk it's revealed that the girl has been lying about being half mermaid or something and the boy gets mad at her and they are apart and everything is miserable for like 4 minutes before they get back together?? This song would play. It's kinda sad, has a good electric drum pattern, and makes me want to be pensive. Also it's sort of reminding me of the Lumineers, if they were girls. I think it's the backing vocals. Moving on, I'm not sure if this girl took all the letters from her name Tom Marvalo Riddle /Lord Voldemort style and created a new identity, but I cannot imagine anyone not intoxicated or having a stroke would name their kid "Arum Rae." If that is truly the case, sry. At least your name isn't Emily. I would additionally like to say that lyrically everything about this song is making me confused. In the chorus I hear, "My mouth on your spoon/Goodnight Rick/Red balloon" If those aren't the words, guuurllllll enunciate because no one should hear "rick" if you are singing "moon." Or something else that's not the name of a kid's book lol.