Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars

5/05/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Love letter to Coldplay Part 3,
Dear Coldplay, 

I should have known when you produced a single with BadgalRiri that you were a short skip away from full fledged EDM. Next thing we know, you will be headlining Ultra. I imagine (if angsty Vevo comments about how Parachutes was ssoOOOO much better are any indicator) many of your fans are angry that you "sold out" and made a song with Avicii. I am here to assure you that they are stupid, and the worst hipsters ever, because FYI real hipsters already hate you. I think this song is amazing. It's radio friendly, has a great steady buildup, and sounds like quintessential Coldplay while remaining fresh and new. Furthermore, Avicii has the perfect amount of presence. Obviously this song doesn't sound like The Scientist, but it also doesn't evoke images of ravers foaming at the mouth to Tiesto. My only qualm is that the lyrics are pretty dumb, and include some of your classic buzzwords such as "stars" "heavenly" and "lights." Also Chris Martin I struggle to accept you singing about your undying love for someone WHEN YOU AND GWYNETH NO LONGER LOVE EACH OTHER. Aside from that,  A+. 

XOXOXOX,  Tunes4Loons