Guy Sebastian - Like A Drum (The Chainsmokers Remix)

5/16/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Soo I wasn't gonna post this because doing so would make me a Chainsmokers fanatic (see the other 1,000 posts on this blog featuring them). but YOLO. I like them, so what? Basically, this song is melodic, uplifting, and momentarily eclipses the paralyzing fear of graduating - which is BEYOND crucial. and homeboy's voice is just THE MOST. sorry if that conveys nothing to you (but also as a living being in 2014 it kinda should). Translation: he sing real good. But yeah, the best of EDM is alive and well in this collab so pump that wattage into yo cottage (yes I jacked that phrase from my college radio station's slogan, but I copped to it so whatever).

P.S. I realize I comment on artists' appearance a lot but this Guy (lol punny, get it?!) is sexayyyy. Sry I'm shallow, what of it??
Also wut r these ghost figures in gilded marshmallow suits...I would like to own one please.