IYES - Toys (Demo)

5/14/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Ok, that cute little nugget is ovi not the singer of this somewhat sultry song, but it's the album art and I thought it was kind of amazing so I included it. That girl is basically saying with her eyes, "You try and take my Barbie from me and I'll fucking end you." Plus, pretty much all hPSTR band members resemble each other, so I'm sure you can picture the members of IYES (prob pronounced how normal people write eyes, but that's just a guess) just fine. Hint, they wear all black, look like they are brother and sister even tho they are probably dating, and exude melancholy. They also make good music. "Toys," which for the record sounds nothing like a demo, could be described as a slow jam for the indie electro crowd. It includes a slomoooo vocal loop, Atari sampling, and a fluttery lady voice singing, "Throw your toys at meeeeee." And maybe it's just me, but there's something kind of creepy about it. Actually, the more I listen intently, the more I am disturbed, so prob best not to think about it. Bonus points, IYES , for using the word "shan't". Shakespeare def gives you a pat on the back.