La Roux - Let Me Down Gently

5/15/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

LA ROUX LIVES. Or rather, she has finally released some music worth writing about! Srsly, lady I was worried you were doomed to be buried in a 2009 time capsule. You and Kate Nash would hang out in there and plot how you could murder Ellie Goulding. First let me warn the Bulletproof groupies, this is pretty much the opposite. You cannot jump around "singing" (screaming) to newest jam "Let Me Down Gently." That's not to diminish its greatness. First, her voice is weird and kind of awesome. Betcha it sounds bad live, but in the library, sounds amazin. There's sax. Not sayin any more about that. There is also a lot of lyrical genius going on here. Over some pretty solemn synths, La Roux sings, "Let me down gently/That's what I think I need/But when you let me down gently/it still feels hard." Ummm preach. Kind of obvi La Roux, but no less accurate. Although there are other lyrics that say, "I hope it doesn't seem/like I'm young, foolish, and green." And honestly, when I heard that, all I could think was that those were the semi-retarded cousin lyrics of Young and Wild and Free. But aside from that bizarre thing that prob no one but me hears**, this song rocks and you should like it.

*** Sry if I alerted you to this and now you cannot unhear it. We should form a club I guess. Or you could just hate me.