Sylvan Esso - Coffee

5/02/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I would first like to point out that there is a vast disconnect between that pic and the music that those (seemingly) crzy people have created. That lady looks like a Lady Gaga groupie off her meds and that man looks like a fired member of Fun. The music they make, however, sounds like laid back Moby with jazzy vocals. "Coffee" is by far their best song, and includes the vocal loop, "Get up, get down." (In a perfect world, Flo Rida would sample that part and craft a new song about vodka shots and hittin the dancefloor.) It's unassuming and pretty addicting. Also her voice is b-e-a-utiful. As for the appearance of Sylvan Esso versus their tunes, I think this schizophrenic vibe is an amazing thing. It's like having the Von Trap family come out onstage and instead of My Fav Things they bust out Fuck the Police*** Self-titled album out May 13th.

***I understand this would involve a time machine and the Von trap fam to be chill as F, but honestly, Maria was a nun who banged her employer so CRAZIER THINGS HAVE HAPPENED