TEEMID & Julia - Love At First Sight (Kylie Minogue Cover)

5/17/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Since I'm not European and fucking old I don't really listen to Kylie Minogue. So I have not heard the real version, but honestly, I bet it's worse than this. TEEMID you should not be shy, because this song feels like how I imagine eating frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity's blazed would taste like. It's basically perfect. And the background music that happens right before the chorus sounds like little stars are having a dance party. I deduct points only because I think the beginning bears too much resemblance to John Legend's "All Of Me," a song which for me evokes palpable rage when I hear even just 8 bars of it. whaaaat woulddd II ddoo without yourrrr --- OOPS HIT U WITH A CAR SRY MY B. TEEMID I hope you have some more songs that you actually wrote too, or else I will be sad. And Julia --well , your name is just Julia so prob nvr hear bout you again, but I like ur voice a lot.