MØ- Don't Wanna Dance (Goldroom Remix)

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Saw Goldroom perform this version of MØ's most popular track (fresh up on the original here) in concert a couple weeks back and they straight up KILLED IT. The only downside to it was the 30-somethings in front of me who all were trying to rave like they were still in college (mistake number one grandmas: Goldroom ain't the kind of band whose concert you try to start a mosh pit at). 

The much needed synth that Goldroom adds is key and MØ's "i- i- i- don't wanna dance with nobody" chorus is infectious. The Goldroom edits really shine from like 3:03 onward, transforming it into a song I could literally have on repeat all day (I COULD DO THIS ALL DAY, SON).

The Weeknd - Often (Kygo Remix)

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We're used to dark sex appeal from The Weeknd. It oozes through his music from lyrics to beats to melody. In contrast, Kygo has staked his claim by injecting a trademark island vibe into all his remixes. Surprisingly, both styles have created a perfect synergy in Kygo's newest production of "Often." Kygo gives the track a lighter dance appeal while still retaining its seduction factor. Having just announced his North American tour, we can only expect Kygo to blow up more than he already has. Go white boy. 

Honne - Warm On A Cold Night

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Tryna hux? play this song. srsly. it will set the mood. It's the equivalent of Marvin Gaye for indie lovers. The production is seamless and the vocals rich and enveloping. No snarky commentary here.* Just enjoy.

*I amend my previous statement. Snarky commentary definitely necessary for the cheesy Howard Stern intro, but that can be overlooked given what follows. 


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So I guess pre-teen text lingo has become appropriate fodder for song titles? FYI for those whose brains have not been entirely corrupted by the age of the acronym, ILYSB = I Love You So Bad. It appears as if LANY (is that a combo of LA and NY? so edgy, so eclectic) is trying to make acronyms a "thing." Along with ILYSB, they've released a track titled BRB. Coming soon, SMH and IDK my BFF Jill!! But not to worry, their facebook page offers guidance to those struggling to grasp the aim of these cryptic wordsmiths- "WELCOME TO JULY. WELCOME TO 'ACRONYMS.' WELCOME TO THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, 'CAUSE WE'RE GONNA BE AROUND FOREVER." Um, I beg to differ LANY. A word of advice? Change your name to something that doesn't make me want to chant "LANA GOT CONED"** and learn to use entire words.

Despite the fact that they should fire their image consultant, this song is actually good. Simple, sweet, a little sentimental (even including semi-obnoxious use of the lyric "I'm hella obsessed with your face").I like catch myself smiling when I listen to this. DAMN YOU AND YOUR ACRONYM BRILLIANCE LANY! BBL, trying to solve this existential crisis. 

**princess diaries reference, although I really hope no one had to consult this footnote to remember that gem of cinematic humor involving a still teenage, still blonde Mandy Moore.

Body Language- 4 Real

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The track name is tween-y AS FUCK (predicitng that in less than 2 years there is a boy-band called 4Real) AND the content is a lil PG, but nonetheless, this song is the definition of a summertime jam. It kind of reminds me of the appropriately named Summer Camp by Fresh which was my go-to summer joyride song of 2k13. The vocals of lead-singer (and glockenspiel player-- THIS IS NOT A JOKE) Angelica Bess are stellar and the whole laid-back vibes of this track are perfect for the summery sunshine hang. Not to mention this is the IDEAL song for white people to dance to (aka bop awkwardly up and down on their knees to) seeing as the beat is so simple yet so sweet. Definitely add this on any pool-time hang playlist.

BANKS- Beggin for Thread

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Shoutout out to C̶h̶a̶r̶l̶o̶t̶t̶e̶ ̶K̶a̶s̶s̶a̶m̶i̶r̶  BANKS (the resemblance is uncanny) for being T4L's inaugural post! And she hasn't failed to reach her potential like some of our other early-post artists (Azealia i'm looking @ u and ur 212 Mickey Mouse sweater). But actually, this is the BEST BANKS song i've heard yet and it's SOFUCKING catchy from it's first ominous synth hit. This song is destined to play in the most angsty part of a rom-com, like a girl running frantically in the rain after a break-up or a man in a FUGLY patchwork turtleneck spazzing on a street (aka that scene in Love Actually after Keira Knightley finds out that Andrew Lincoln has basically been stalking her). 

BANKS' adds her gloriously eerie vocals to the forefront of this hazy, synth-ladened melody and twinkle bells in the background never made a song worse, yah know? Of all the singles we've heard off her upcoming album (her album's out in September, but at this point, like whose isn't?), Beggin for Thread has the most radio-friendly feel and maybe soon we'll be jamming to this between tolerating Ryan Seacrest's radio commentary (is Seacrest a dated reference? Is radio itself a dated reference? Now that i'm post college, i can't keep up with dem kids. THERE ARE YOUTHS EVERYWHERE!)

Chris Brown - Loyal (Dave Edwards remix)

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OooKAY Dave! You might have the most generic name ever amongst a pool of DJ aliases that resemble dinosaur species (lookin at you Flosstradamus), but ya sure can mix! Given the vanilla R&B/hip-hop formula, the original Chris Brown, Weezy, and Tyga collab offered us no surprises in terms of talent or innovation. (EXCEPT for the fact that Breezy had the audacity to repeatedly make the claim "dese hoes ain't loyal." Dude got issues. Is this a practical joke? Or are you referring to the time that you got arrested for making RiRi look like the Joker? soOoOo disloyal.) 

HOWEVER, Dave Edwards did give the top 40 hit a much needed summer face lift so that it might eek out a few more weeks of popularity. Edwards' take is immediately satisfying- simultaneously upbeat, dancey, and smooth - an essential for starting off a party right. Check it out or you know what you ain't...

Catey Shaw- Brooklyn Girls

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told yah to stayed tuned and I know you've been refreshing T4L 5 times a day waiting 4 this riiiiiight? (jk, i know most of the visits to this site are me, lol). But actually, this song rocks. It's Catey's response to Katy Perry's "California Girls" and it's just as catchy. Also the song is about BROOKLYN (Brooklyn, so hot right now, Brooklyn.) But srsly, hipsters are the fastest growing demographic for the music industry and to hipsters, Brooklyn is like the sun.  It's the center of hipsters' beanie-infested universe and if you ask a hipster they'll probably even say some douchey, astronomy-sounding thing like "I just felt this natural force pulling me towards Brooklyn". 
Once you turn this song on, it'll be stuck in your head all day erry day, it's THAT good. The doo-woppy repeated chorus line of "Brooklyn Girls" is perfection and the whole song highlights Catey's awesome energy and general positive outlook on life (like actually, give this girl shriveled raisins and she'd still manage to make the best fucking lemonade you've ever tasted). Finally, the bridge kills it, dropping out all the instruments except a jivey guitar and sassy tambourine and showcasing Catey's unique vocals.

Check out the music video here, it was directed by the same guy who did Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' "Thrift Shop", "Can't Hold Us", and "Same Love" (aaaaaand it's basically gone viral, but not in the best sense. But there's no such thing as bad publicity and also simply FUQ THA H8ERS on the world wide web anyway; the most vocal ones are probably just those jealous theater-lovers-turned-hipsters who got cut from their high school's production of Jesus Christ Superstar! because they can't sing for shit... apurrrrrently their still bitter about it.)


VERITE - Strange Enough

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OmGaaHHHH I loved this legit 10 seconds in. Is there a secret factory that manufactures girls with these voices? See : MS MR, Tove Lo, CHVRCHES. I am inclined to believe this, because this bitch appeared out of nowhere. Literally there is more about me on the internet than VERITE. Except I looked up the definition of this word (assuming this girl didn't just choose her stage name from an incorrect Text Twist combo)****, and guys, it's rough. Verite =  "the art or technique of filming so as to convey candid realism" First known use : 1966. So basically, it's a stupid 60s Italian film vocab word. And like.....that's fine I guess. But imma bet at least 15 bux that the only "filming" this girl is conducting is Insta vids. WHATEVER. I'm not even sure why this angers me lol. The main takeaway point is this song and her voice are pretty insane. It's straight up the MS MR alley of ghostly pop and I am hoping whatever she puts out next is as good. Step 1 tho, next time plz don't include dumb lyrics. There is a line that goes "maybe I'm just addicted to / the things I like" FUCKING DUH VERITE. t4L out.

****Am I so 2007 with this reference? Does this game still exist? 

Viceroy - The Life (ft. Penguin Prison)

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I saw Viceroy at an ungodly hour in Brooklyn this week. And lemme tell u, despite the fact it cost me half a days wages and I was surrounded by brOOOOsssss, it was pretty amazing. I could not tell you if this song played or not***, but it doesn't really matter because I can press play in my bedroom and it sounds the same. With "The Life" our fav islandy-esque DJ has partnered with Penguin Prison to create an excellent summer jam. There are steel drums and peppy horns. It honestly feels like the Copa cabana on crack. This collab is also a smart move. Penguin Prison has struggled to get noticed for awhile. And that's a shame, Because you're HOLLYYYYWOOOOOOODDD is not only one of the best songs of the last 5 years, it helped RAC become famous.^^^ So here's hoping this one will shoot P.P. to stardom. Prob not tho because the music industry is a cold place and there is only room for Beliebers and like, Sam Smith (uGHhhh)

^^^Relative term: My dad doesn't know who that is, but like he has like a billion Soundcloud followers. bb steps amirite.

Alt-J - Left Hand Free

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>Alt-J returns!!! Historically I have felt kind of indifferent to these nerdy boy rockers. Some love, some hate. Mostly, I notice the similarities between the lead vocalist and Adam Sandler's singing. Give the Chanukah song another spin and u will see. UNCANNY. If that ruins their street cred, sry. They all wear glasses so I don't think they had much to begin with. Their new track "Left Hand Free"*** moves away from the Happy Gilmore vibes, and into some grOOVy Led Zeppelin ones. I think it's a good development. Being that his voice always bordered on comical, cool guitars do a lot to help their rep. They are also pulling off the vintage music thing. Aside from Foxygen and Tame Impala, most people (aHEM Lana - "I wish I died tragically in 1972" - Del Rey) fail at this, so there's that. I am curious about the album. If you don't like rock music and came here for squeaky electro vibes, my apologies. Download this and mayb u can impress some hipster boys.

**honestly I can only think of weird hand job scenarios when I hear this. "Well Your left hand's free/ and your right hand's in a grip" Am I alone? Do I need help?

Arty - Up All Night (ft. Angel Taylor)

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If u saw that dude wandering on the street, you might think he was lost and looking for Times Square. However, he is in fact a Russian DJ who has given us a dancey summer anthem. Perhaps he also likes to visit Times Square idk. "Up All Night," his newest track, is by no means groundbreaking work. When it began with house piano I literally yawned. The ***drop** is also stupid. The featured artist pretty much nails it tho. The vocals are from Angel Taylor,who spends the track lamenting about some pseudo lover who like, forgets to pick her up from the bus station. Lemme give you a tip Angel, if he can't remember that u came to visit him, he prob doesn't wanna date you. Aside from this singer's obvious stage 5 clinger delusions, her vocals are helllLLA good (is this a stupid phrase to use? whatver accept it). They are the perfect level of raspy and sound unique on a dance track. Furthermore, I think this song offers something different to everyone. For some, such as Angel, it is about a dumb boy. But when I hear these lyrics of desperation, I am reminded of my Neflix subscription. Exhibit A: "You keep me up up /keep me up all night / Who you think you are / Do this every time / You keep me up up/ just to bring me down / Look like a fool right now" This isn't me trying to be funny, I straight up thought of Netflix and my addiction to the various crime shows offered there. Soooo there's that. Maybe I should reevaluate sum things. Until then, I'll be listening to this song and binge watching The Killing. brb.

First Aid Kit- Winter is All Over You (FG Remix)

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I'm feeling really bipolar with my reactions right now. Part of me wants to rave about this song, but the critical fucker in me wants me to start singing that all-too-well-known tune D̶o̶ ̶Y̶o̶u̶ ̶W̶a̶n̶t̶ ̶T̶o̶ ̶B̶u̶i̶l̶d̶ ̶A̶ ̶S̶n̶o̶w̶m̶a̶n̶  "DO YOU WANT TO KILL A HIPSTER?!?" (music and lyrics by: Claire King-- with influence from her bf)). Don't get me wrong, the vocals of the two members of First Aid Kit, Johanna Söderberg and her sister, t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶r̶u̶n̶e̶t̶t̶e̶ ̶v̶e̶r̶s̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶S̶i̶r̶i̶ ̶C̶o̶s̶p̶e̶r̶  Klara, are stellar. The unnecessary anger stems from elsewhere. Their overall "i'm gonna be 'innovative' today and pair a floppy hat with a flowy dress made from my grandmother's curtains" look combined with their nonsensical titles makes wanna #vomit all over their extensive collection of paisley frocks. (srsly, "Winter is All Over You" is just confusing and ominous AS FUQ). Do less First Aid Kit, do less. Props to FG (Flo Gruber) for listening to the original long enough realize it could be remixed. I listened to the original and felt the immediate urge to slit my wrists whereas, when listening to the remix, I get no suicidal tendencies whatsoever so JWD (job well done, le duh) to F.G.! The faster vocals and jazz-ed up backbeat paired with some rul 1960's Woodstock-guitar and funky bass makes this song super chill and one to put on repeat fo sho. 

Nacey ft. Angel Haze - I Own It

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For a while I felt Angel Haze and Azealia Banks were pretty neck and neck for the crown of cool girl rapper (and my luv). Then Iggy Azalea stole everyone's thunder by spelling her name over and over again, and the battle seemed a moot point. Yet, over the last several years, these two managed to remain interesting, albeit in verRRRy different ways. Azealia Banks, singer of the greatest song of 2011, singlehandedly murdered her own career thru twitter wars with Perez Hilton. (Isn't that the saddest sentence ever typed). Angel Haze on the other hand, worked with rando yet interesting people and kept my interest. This song is pretty amazing, and shows up for like 4 seconds in 22 Jump St. Nacey provides a scary yet catchy beat, and Angel Haze raps with the ferocity of Patrick Bateman. Ultimately, when I listen to it I am afraid she's going to light me on fire. In a good way.

Steven A. Clark - Lonely Roller

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For hipster music, this man has a refreshingly boring name. Which kind of makes him more memorable than bands with names like GVSHRS (pronounced "gushers)*** In fact, Mr. Clark sings some pretty sultry jams. He's Miami born, and on "Lonely Roller," seems to have stolen Kid Cudi's voice. Or at least, if Kid Cudi quit smoking weed and was less tone deaf. But the similarities are there. Lyrically, I am confused. I think it's about a man with a gambling problem who meets a prostitute. Then they talk about hooksin it but ultimately decide, nah, better not. Or maybe she's a stripper. Regardless, I'm pretty sure they don't end up finding love (in a hopeless place) because the movie Pretty Woman IS A LIE. Better luck next time bro.

***This is a fictional band, but here's to hoping it is formed in the near future. Prob by me.

Luxx- Meant to Be (ft. Georgia Francis)

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Georgie Francis single-handedly MAKES this song. Her echo-ey voice (it's early so the best adjective you're gonna get before my second cup of coffee is "echo-ey"... sry) is literally amazing and so seemingly effortless. Oh, okay, and Luxx's house piano and dance-y bass line aren't half bad either. The only caveat to this song are the actual lyrics; they possess give off ex-girlfriend-stalker vibes (like NVR LEAVE ME CUZ I'LL FIND YOUUUU vibes). However, I don't even like house music and I couldn't stop listening to this song for like 2 weeks straight (that's HUGE given the musical-ADD i possess) so give it a listen. Don't like this song and judging this band because of it? Well, Luxx only has had 1 single for sale EVER and they donated ALL the proceeds from it to helping clean up the Gulf. So............... somebody looks like an asshole now (spoiler alert: it's you). 

Magic System- Magic In The Air (ft. Chawki)

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Pitbull?!? Is that you i hear? No, its not? Well you royally fucked up, because it should be. Srsly, this song is right up Pitbull's alley to be a HUGE hit, but instead we give the credit to Magic System (..................who?). This literally should be the anthem for the World Cup and it's a shame this jam will probably never get on the US radio. Also, shoutout to Claire King who should 100% watch this music video immediately (spoiler alert: it's 4 African men serenading you). This is that song that everyone drunkenly sings along with but no one actually knows the lyrics to (remember Waka Waka anyone?!) I couldn't tell you what language the verses are in even if you offered me a lifetime supply of Essie nail polish in return (yeah, i'm a preppyAF, recent NESCAC graduate, get over it). Is it French? Spanish? Portuguese? Parseltongue? Whatever, music is universal (so wise here at T4L) so press play and enjoy (AND if you're a white girl, please try to resist the urge to salsa-shake your hips back and forth along with the song-- I don't even know u and i know you'll look like an fucking idiot.  

Blonde- Foolish (ft. Ryan Ashley) (Tom Misch Remix)

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Be on the look out for Blonde. Their sound and style is like SUPER trendy right now with the hipsters and hippocripsters (rich girls/ guys turned hipster and/or anyone who live in CT or on the vineyard and claim they are hipster). And just look how fun and British they look in the photo! I want to be fun and British! However, I am not, I am merely lazy and American (isn't that redundant). Blonde's chill back-beat paired with Ryan Ashley's smooth R&B vocals is a great combination but the alterations to the track by Tom Misch is what makes this summer-jam gold. Misch's addition of soft-jazz back-beat and spontaneous pad-synth as well as the jivey guitar perfectly blends funk together with 2014's latest obession: electro-indie with a hint of R&B soul. All around, job well done Tom Misch, now just work on creating a less forgettable stage name. Srsly, I had to remind myself of this guy's name 3 times while writing this post. I know I complain about band making their names too complicated and weird (see snakehips, DWNTWN, MVSCLES, the list goes on and on) but Tom Misch is straight up too simple. However, this does not give you permission, Tom, to change it to something douchey like Tommy-Mish or T. Mic$h or (GOD FORBID) something like T0/\/\ /\/\1C5H.

Dia Frampton- Stay (Frank Pole Remix)

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Two things i'm not too keen about: EDM and past contestants of "the hit T.V. Show" The Voice (rly? heard of True Detective? Pretty sure The Voice has never broken the internet... just saying). But surprisingly this combination of EDM and Dia Frampton doesn't suck. It's actually a pretty good summer jam. The additions of Frank Pole (maybe the lamest DJ name ever) turn this song with a southern twang into an electronic dance track. The build up to the drop is short but pretty decent and although I feel a little weird jamming to the hard core EDM dance break driving in my little Honda Civic alone, it's a good song to listen to while tailgating that summertime concert with friends, booze and/or drugs; to each his own, yah know?

Catey Shaw- Revolution

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SHAMELESS SISTER PLUG HERE! Catey Shaw rocks and my sister manages her/ dates her. But not so shameless of a plug because this song is *thumbs up emoji* (for those of you who know me, you know that is high praise). Revolution is the first single off of Catey's The Brooklyn EP, coming out this September (yay! pre-order this ish on iTunes STAT, fuckers). I had a listen to the entire EP this weekend and this track is only the start to an awesome set. The marching-band drum gives this song an anthem feel and who doesn't want a girl-anthem to sing along to, amiright? Shaw's voice sails so smoothly over the track, you would never guess she smokes as much weed as she does. Listen to Revolution and familiarize yourself with this girl; as soon as her next single, Brooklyn Girls (an even BIGGER girl-anthem), and her EP hit, there's gunna be a lot more buzz. Stayed tuned yah loons. 

Felix Jaehn- Shine (ft. Freddy Verano & Linying)

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Well dis song rocks. Everything about it oozes the "sunny-chill" aesthetic which Felix Jaehn is a self-proclaimed "specialist" of . The flute, the sax and Linying's stellar vocals all shine in this track (pun ABSOLUTELY intended... that one's going in my stand-up act). This is the song to help you unwind with a craft beer at the beach after a long week of sweating through your business casual best during that summer internship you're HOPING will turn into a real job (spoiler alert: if you're read this at work and slacking off, it probably won't).  No clue what Freddy Verano's role is on this track but props to him for getting his name associated with such an awesome track. ALSO, what makes this track the ultimate? The fact that during the flute sampling, all I can picture is Ron Burgundy climbing over tables and killing it on the jazz flute. You're welcome, you'll never listen to this track the same way. 

Maroon 5 (ft. Wiz Khalifa)- Payphone (Matoma Remix)

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Gimme some sweet Adam Levine vocals any day of the week. Like actually, his voice, especially in this song, makes be more HaPpY than "Happy" by Pharell, and anyone who did Hamilton Zumba will know how hEpPY that song makes me. Already loved Payphone when it came out, and I love this remix even more. The added groovy back-beat and soulful sax elevate this song to a higher place and it really sounds like a Viceroy or RAC Remix but SURPRISE, it's not. It's some rando named Matoma. Look out for him. or her. or them. Too lazy to look it up.

Sylvan Esso- Hey Mami

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Not gunna lie, the first 30 seconds of this song sounds like the characters of American Horror Story: Coven decided to take a stab at music. It sounds like Stevie Nicks finally has rallied her army of singing witches to lull the world into a trance. But then, Amelia Meath's AMAZING lead vocals start and the song becomes a lot less weird and and a whole lot more awesome. Srsly, Meath's vocals make this song the gem it is, although, as the song progresses, Nick Sanborn's synth skills shine as well. Overall a good tune for people who don't mind their music sounding a little eerie (i personally LOVE it).

Becky G- Shower

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Yeah. I wish I didn't like this song too. But, ALAS (note the right use of the word), I can't help s̶i̶n̶g̶i̶n̶g̶  SCREAMING the mindless chorus when I'm driving alone (LA DAH DI LA DAH DAHHHHH). Becky G is 17 yrs-old, aka part of that generation of singers that can't even vote. Aka part of that generation of singers that makes us fresh-out-of-college-and-failing-at-life 20-somethings feel under-accomplished before we even hit a quarter of a century (Lorde, Ariana Grande, Francesco Yates-- shameless plug for u to read another T4L post-- the list goes on and on). As much as I hate this generation of singers, their songs tend to be irresistibly catchy AF and Shower is no exception. Have this on for any girl-hang or road trip you have planned for the rest of this summer.

Francesco Yates- Call

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Listening to this guy I get some serious Rhye vibes. But when LOOKING AT HIM, I get Gordo-from-Lizzie-McGuire vibes. TBH, don't mind the Justin-Guarini fro when it's owner has such a damn good voice (whoever gets the Justin Guarini reference i luv u always 4ever). Everything about this song is the definition of smooth: the synths, Yates' vocals and the whole combination of the chorus make this the chillest (it be the chillest, it be the chillest in here, the chillest in here). Also the production value is pretty high for a little 18-year old Canadian. Yeah, that's right. He's a young singer with out-of-date hair from Canada with a lovely falsetto. Just call him J.Biebs Jr. ('cept cooler and less of a sell-out).

Charli XCX - Boom Clap

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Fault in Our Stars sucked. I am not a heartless person for saying that, it just did. And I LOVED My Sister's Keeper. Shoutout to Shailene Woodley tho. You may think women don't deserve to vote and make your own sweaters out of hemp, but you are a really good actress. Ovi I am discussing these things because "Boom Clap" is on every trailer for this horrible movie. And regardless, it's great exposure so good 4 u Charli XCX. Speaking of the scarier version of Vanessa Hudgens (if you can imagine such a thing) I have never really decided if I liked her or not because she was always on someone else's song. They were good songs for sure, but did I think Fancy or I Love It were amazing because she was present? Idk. Now I can say, yep , pretty into her. "Boom Clap" has a slower tempo, and still manages to be catchy. And although her voice doesn't have incredible range and always seems to be verging on annoying, it's unique and works so well with the production. I wish you well in future endeavors Charli XCX. Perhaps one day I will hear you on an Avicii song.

Ryn Weaver - OctaHate

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Ryn Weaver looks pretty pleased with herself in that pic. And while I mostly hate her fedora /amish- shirt smugness, her music is forcing me to accept it. "OctaHate" (ugh) is the song Sara Bareilles wish she wrote. Forreal they have almost identical voices. Except instead of singing Fm radio approved content about butterflies and being urself (this is not meant as a jab against Sara B. i luv her & Brave rules), Ryn is crooning about...uh.... well let's examine it more closely. Words I heard in this song: retrograde, crossfire, earthquake, headlights, livewire. Oh wait, she's singing about LUVVVVV. With big words and metaphors about war. So like, pretty junior shit. This is not to say songs about luv are stupid, just that "omg you shot me emotionally in the heart" is best left to Pat Benatar and the decade of the 80s. Oh also, according to Buzzfeed (WHEN DID U GET SO TRENDY BF LOOK AT U!!!!) this song was produced by Charli XCX, so now you know.

Snakehips - Days With You (ft. Sinead Harnett)

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Snakehips, whose name I hate because snakes are disgusting and deserve no recognition in the musical world, has nevertheless released a song that is good. Like other songs he-who-must-not-be-named has produced, there is a chipmunky 70s underwater vibe going on. Unlike his other songs, Snakehips has included a delightful slinky vocalist named Sinead Harnett, who sounds like a quieter and less annoying Jessie J. Or maybe like Little Jackie. Remember her? Singer of the forgotten "I Believe that the world Should Revolve Around Me." That song pretty awk now LJ! Anywayyssss, "Days With You" is the best work I have heard from either of these bitches to date, and contains a legit verse-chorus structure that most hipster producers think they are better than. So props to u Voldemort, in spite of your phobia-inducing moniker I will blare this song from my stereo all summer.

Armin Van Buuren - Alone (ft. Lauren Evans)

7/03/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

First of all, if anyone still reads t4L.....hai. We graduated college and lost our minds, but we're back now. And hopefully will give you amazin (passable...?) music until our real jobs kill our stamina to blog after werk. On this cheerful note, I give u.... some EDM? Yes, while writing this acronym kind of makes me want to die, there is no denying Mr. Van Buuren (who's real name actually is that go figure) has made a fucking good song. It's called "Alone" and shockingly features a rando talented girl singer who we will no doubt never hear from again. Based on the like, 14 dance songs I genuinely care for, I have made a couple of conclusions about what makes some EDM (again, vomit) good. First, I think the more mellow ones are better. While I like to jump around to Skrilly and/or get hit in the face with cake as much as the next raver, if u dial down the ecstasy, musical quality generally increases. Secondly, dance songs that are sad are more interesting. Sweet Nothing LITERALLY one of the best songs ever. This one is pretty much a 10 on the 1 to cry-at- a -Sears -commerical depression scale. I say that um kind of seriously, because it actually is sad, but maybe it is also slightly comedic. Consider the lyrics, "Everyone's connected but no one is connecting/The human element has long been missing / Tell me, have you seen it?" Obviously, this song is about the invention of the Iphone. Like, you may think Snapchat is so amazing, but really you are alone when u are snappin those selfies. Everyone goes on and on about Steve Jobs, but probably he ruined humanity. Mr. Van Buuren wants you to think about that. So, thnx EDM, for allowing us to be so philosophical toda