Alt-J - Left Hand Free

7/12/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

>Alt-J returns!!! Historically I have felt kind of indifferent to these nerdy boy rockers. Some love, some hate. Mostly, I notice the similarities between the lead vocalist and Adam Sandler's singing. Give the Chanukah song another spin and u will see. UNCANNY. If that ruins their street cred, sry. They all wear glasses so I don't think they had much to begin with. Their new track "Left Hand Free"*** moves away from the Happy Gilmore vibes, and into some grOOVy Led Zeppelin ones. I think it's a good development. Being that his voice always bordered on comical, cool guitars do a lot to help their rep. They are also pulling off the vintage music thing. Aside from Foxygen and Tame Impala, most people (aHEM Lana - "I wish I died tragically in 1972" - Del Rey) fail at this, so there's that. I am curious about the album. If you don't like rock music and came here for squeaky electro vibes, my apologies. Download this and mayb u can impress some hipster boys.

**honestly I can only think of weird hand job scenarios when I hear this. "Well Your left hand's free/ and your right hand's in a grip" Am I alone? Do I need help?