Armin Van Buuren - Alone (ft. Lauren Evans)

7/03/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

First of all, if anyone still reads t4L.....hai. We graduated college and lost our minds, but we're back now. And hopefully will give you amazin (passable...?) music until our real jobs kill our stamina to blog after werk. On this cheerful note, I give u.... some EDM? Yes, while writing this acronym kind of makes me want to die, there is no denying Mr. Van Buuren (who's real name actually is that go figure) has made a fucking good song. It's called "Alone" and shockingly features a rando talented girl singer who we will no doubt never hear from again. Based on the like, 14 dance songs I genuinely care for, I have made a couple of conclusions about what makes some EDM (again, vomit) good. First, I think the more mellow ones are better. While I like to jump around to Skrilly and/or get hit in the face with cake as much as the next raver, if u dial down the ecstasy, musical quality generally increases. Secondly, dance songs that are sad are more interesting. Sweet Nothing LITERALLY one of the best songs ever. This one is pretty much a 10 on the 1 to cry-at- a -Sears -commerical depression scale. I say that um kind of seriously, because it actually is sad, but maybe it is also slightly comedic. Consider the lyrics, "Everyone's connected but no one is connecting/The human element has long been missing / Tell me, have you seen it?" Obviously, this song is about the invention of the Iphone. Like, you may think Snapchat is so amazing, but really you are alone when u are snappin those selfies. Everyone goes on and on about Steve Jobs, but probably he ruined humanity. Mr. Van Buuren wants you to think about that. So, thnx EDM, for allowing us to be so philosophical toda