Arty - Up All Night (ft. Angel Taylor)

7/12/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

If u saw that dude wandering on the street, you might think he was lost and looking for Times Square. However, he is in fact a Russian DJ who has given us a dancey summer anthem. Perhaps he also likes to visit Times Square idk. "Up All Night," his newest track, is by no means groundbreaking work. When it began with house piano I literally yawned. The ***drop** is also stupid. The featured artist pretty much nails it tho. The vocals are from Angel Taylor,who spends the track lamenting about some pseudo lover who like, forgets to pick her up from the bus station. Lemme give you a tip Angel, if he can't remember that u came to visit him, he prob doesn't wanna date you. Aside from this singer's obvious stage 5 clinger delusions, her vocals are helllLLA good (is this a stupid phrase to use? whatver accept it). They are the perfect level of raspy and sound unique on a dance track. Furthermore, I think this song offers something different to everyone. For some, such as Angel, it is about a dumb boy. But when I hear these lyrics of desperation, I am reminded of my Neflix subscription. Exhibit A: "You keep me up up /keep me up all night / Who you think you are / Do this every time / You keep me up up/ just to bring me down / Look like a fool right now" This isn't me trying to be funny, I straight up thought of Netflix and my addiction to the various crime shows offered there. Soooo there's that. Maybe I should reevaluate sum things. Until then, I'll be listening to this song and binge watching The Killing. brb.