Blonde- Foolish (ft. Ryan Ashley) (Tom Misch Remix)

7/08/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Be on the look out for Blonde. Their sound and style is like SUPER trendy right now with the hipsters and hippocripsters (rich girls/ guys turned hipster and/or anyone who live in CT or on the vineyard and claim they are hipster). And just look how fun and British they look in the photo! I want to be fun and British! However, I am not, I am merely lazy and American (isn't that redundant). Blonde's chill back-beat paired with Ryan Ashley's smooth R&B vocals is a great combination but the alterations to the track by Tom Misch is what makes this summer-jam gold. Misch's addition of soft-jazz back-beat and spontaneous pad-synth as well as the jivey guitar perfectly blends funk together with 2014's latest obession: electro-indie with a hint of R&B soul. All around, job well done Tom Misch, now just work on creating a less forgettable stage name. Srsly, I had to remind myself of this guy's name 3 times while writing this post. I know I complain about band making their names too complicated and weird (see snakehips, DWNTWN, MVSCLES, the list goes on and on) but Tom Misch is straight up too simple. However, this does not give you permission, Tom, to change it to something douchey like Tommy-Mish or T. Mic$h or (GOD FORBID) something like T0/\/\ /\/\1C5H.