Body Language- 4 Real

7/30/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

The track name is tween-y AS FUCK (predicitng that in less than 2 years there is a boy-band called 4Real) AND the content is a lil PG, but nonetheless, this song is the definition of a summertime jam. It kind of reminds me of the appropriately named Summer Camp by Fresh which was my go-to summer joyride song of 2k13. The vocals of lead-singer (and glockenspiel player-- THIS IS NOT A JOKE) Angelica Bess are stellar and the whole laid-back vibes of this track are perfect for the summery sunshine hang. Not to mention this is the IDEAL song for white people to dance to (aka bop awkwardly up and down on their knees to) seeing as the beat is so simple yet so sweet. Definitely add this on any pool-time hang playlist.