Chris Brown - Loyal (Dave Edwards remix)

7/29/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

OooKAY Dave! You might have the most generic name ever amongst a pool of DJ aliases that resemble dinosaur species (lookin at you Flosstradamus), but ya sure can mix! Given the vanilla R&B/hip-hop formula, the original Chris Brown, Weezy, and Tyga collab offered us no surprises in terms of talent or innovation. (EXCEPT for the fact that Breezy had the audacity to repeatedly make the claim "dese hoes ain't loyal." Dude got issues. Is this a practical joke? Or are you referring to the time that you got arrested for making RiRi look like the Joker? soOoOo disloyal.) 

HOWEVER, Dave Edwards did give the top 40 hit a much needed summer face lift so that it might eek out a few more weeks of popularity. Edwards' take is immediately satisfying- simultaneously upbeat, dancey, and smooth - an essential for starting off a party right. Check it out or you know what you ain't...