Dia Frampton- Stay (Frank Pole Remix)

7/08/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Two things i'm not too keen about: EDM and past contestants of "the hit T.V. Show" The Voice (rly? heard of True Detective? Pretty sure The Voice has never broken the internet... just saying). But surprisingly this combination of EDM and Dia Frampton doesn't suck. It's actually a pretty good summer jam. The additions of Frank Pole (maybe the lamest DJ name ever) turn this song with a southern twang into an electronic dance track. The build up to the drop is short but pretty decent and although I feel a little weird jamming to the hard core EDM dance break driving in my little Honda Civic alone, it's a good song to listen to while tailgating that summertime concert with friends, booze and/or drugs; to each his own, yah know?