Francesco Yates- Call

7/07/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Listening to this guy I get some serious Rhye vibes. But when LOOKING AT HIM, I get Gordo-from-Lizzie-McGuire vibes. TBH, don't mind the Justin-Guarini fro when it's owner has such a damn good voice (whoever gets the Justin Guarini reference i luv u always 4ever). Everything about this song is the definition of smooth: the synths, Yates' vocals and the whole combination of the chorus make this the chillest (it be the chillest, it be the chillest in here, the chillest in here). Also the production value is pretty high for a little 18-year old Canadian. Yeah, that's right. He's a young singer with out-of-date hair from Canada with a lovely falsetto. Just call him J.Biebs Jr. ('cept cooler and less of a sell-out).