Luxx- Meant to Be (ft. Georgia Francis)

7/09/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Georgie Francis single-handedly MAKES this song. Her echo-ey voice (it's early so the best adjective you're gonna get before my second cup of coffee is "echo-ey"... sry) is literally amazing and so seemingly effortless. Oh, okay, and Luxx's house piano and dance-y bass line aren't half bad either. The only caveat to this song are the actual lyrics; they possess give off ex-girlfriend-stalker vibes (like NVR LEAVE ME CUZ I'LL FIND YOUUUU vibes). However, I don't even like house music and I couldn't stop listening to this song for like 2 weeks straight (that's HUGE given the musical-ADD i possess) so give it a listen. Don't like this song and judging this band because of it? Well, Luxx only has had 1 single for sale EVER and they donated ALL the proceeds from it to helping clean up the Gulf. So............... somebody looks like an asshole now (spoiler alert: it's you).