MØ- Don't Wanna Dance (Goldroom Remix)

7/31/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Saw Goldroom perform this version of MØ's most popular track (fresh up on the original here) in concert a couple weeks back and they straight up KILLED IT. The only downside to it was the 30-somethings in front of me who all were trying to rave like they were still in college (mistake number one grandmas: Goldroom ain't the kind of band whose concert you try to start a mosh pit at). 

The much needed synth that Goldroom adds is key and MØ's "i- i- i- don't wanna dance with nobody" chorus is infectious. The Goldroom edits really shine from like 3:03 onward, transforming it into a song I could literally have on repeat all day (I COULD DO THIS ALL DAY, SON).