Magic System- Magic In The Air (ft. Chawki)

7/08/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Pitbull?!? Is that you i hear? No, its not? Well you royally fucked up, because it should be. Srsly, this song is right up Pitbull's alley to be a HUGE hit, but instead we give the credit to Magic System (..................who?). This literally should be the anthem for the World Cup and it's a shame this jam will probably never get on the US radio. Also, shoutout to Claire King who should 100% watch this music video immediately (spoiler alert: it's 4 African men serenading you). This is that song that everyone drunkenly sings along with but no one actually knows the lyrics to (remember Waka Waka anyone?!) I couldn't tell you what language the verses are in even if you offered me a lifetime supply of Essie nail polish in return (yeah, i'm a preppyAF, recent NESCAC graduate, get over it). Is it French? Spanish? Portuguese? Parseltongue? Whatever, music is universal (so wise here at T4L) so press play and enjoy (AND if you're a white girl, please try to resist the urge to salsa-shake your hips back and forth along with the song-- I don't even know u and i know you'll look like an fucking idiot.