Ryn Weaver - OctaHate

7/03/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Ryn Weaver looks pretty pleased with herself in that pic. And while I mostly hate her fedora /amish- shirt smugness, her music is forcing me to accept it. "OctaHate" (ugh) is the song Sara Bareilles wish she wrote. Forreal they have almost identical voices. Except instead of singing Fm radio approved content about butterflies and being urself (this is not meant as a jab against Sara B. i luv her & Brave rules), Ryn is crooning about...uh.... well let's examine it more closely. Words I heard in this song: retrograde, crossfire, earthquake, headlights, livewire. Oh wait, she's singing about LUVVVVV. With big words and metaphors about war. So like, pretty junior shit. This is not to say songs about luv are stupid, just that "omg you shot me emotionally in the heart" is best left to Pat Benatar and the decade of the 80s. Oh also, according to Buzzfeed (WHEN DID U GET SO TRENDY BF LOOK AT U!!!!) this song was produced by Charli XCX, so now you know.