Steven A. Clark - Lonely Roller

7/09/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

For hipster music, this man has a refreshingly boring name. Which kind of makes him more memorable than bands with names like GVSHRS (pronounced "gushers)*** In fact, Mr. Clark sings some pretty sultry jams. He's Miami born, and on "Lonely Roller," seems to have stolen Kid Cudi's voice. Or at least, if Kid Cudi quit smoking weed and was less tone deaf. But the similarities are there. Lyrically, I am confused. I think it's about a man with a gambling problem who meets a prostitute. Then they talk about hooksin it but ultimately decide, nah, better not. Or maybe she's a stripper. Regardless, I'm pretty sure they don't end up finding love (in a hopeless place) because the movie Pretty Woman IS A LIE. Better luck next time bro.

***This is a fictional band, but here's to hoping it is formed in the near future. Prob by me.