VERITE - Strange Enough

7/19/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

OmGaaHHHH I loved this legit 10 seconds in. Is there a secret factory that manufactures girls with these voices? See : MS MR, Tove Lo, CHVRCHES. I am inclined to believe this, because this bitch appeared out of nowhere. Literally there is more about me on the internet than VERITE. Except I looked up the definition of this word (assuming this girl didn't just choose her stage name from an incorrect Text Twist combo)****, and guys, it's rough. Verite =  "the art or technique of filming so as to convey candid realism" First known use : 1966. So basically, it's a stupid 60s Italian film vocab word. And like.....that's fine I guess. But imma bet at least 15 bux that the only "filming" this girl is conducting is Insta vids. WHATEVER. I'm not even sure why this angers me lol. The main takeaway point is this song and her voice are pretty insane. It's straight up the MS MR alley of ghostly pop and I am hoping whatever she puts out next is as good. Step 1 tho, next time plz don't include dumb lyrics. There is a line that goes "maybe I'm just addicted to / the things I like" FUCKING DUH VERITE. t4L out.

****Am I so 2007 with this reference? Does this game still exist?