Double Feature: EPISODE - Hold On, Dust

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Welcome to the future of boy bands everywhere. At least I fervently hope so. Frankly, I have never understood the appeal of 1D, which to my knowledge is the only successful boy band since the early days of N'Sync. Did every girl btw the ages of 10 and 30 receive a lobotomy? Coordinated outfits and synchronized "dancing" is not cool. Harry Styles is not cool. period. I don't understand why everyone is participating in this mass conspiracy instigated by Simon Cowell. Like help. I feel so alone.
Fortunately, EPISODE gets it. The foursome based in NYC is only a boy band by way of gender and the fact that they've been making music together since high school (aww). In fact, their "thing" is producing beats and letting other vocalists shine in the foreground. On their newest track, "Hold On," Stefan Weiner's voice will make you swoon fer sure and probably hate the ice cold betch he's singing about. Definitely a break up song, however it's full of simple insights instead of cliches. Example: "Why are we becoming something different than what I predicted?" Ugh too true, and yet doesn't make me want be like NO SHIT SHERLOCK.

I will caution you that the video is not quite as comprehensible as the song it accompanies. It's basically a montage of insanely attractive people doing weird shit and making it look normal. Highlights: Naomi Campbell's doppleganger walking down the road in a cocktail dress wielding a 12 gauge. My personal favorite, buff asian dude w/ top knot running on the treadmill in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse wearing an oxygen mask. literally wut is this supposed to convey. More disturbing than this image is my weirdly strong attraction to the guy in it. I guess I have discovered a subconscious thing for ppl who look like samurais (samurai? Is it like the plural situation for deer? things to google...).

"Dust" is also equally as dope as "Hold On" and features some chick who sounds like a pixie and some solid rap verses. Basically, you are doing yourself a serious disservice if you don't listen to these two songs. and it means you probably love One Direction, god help you.

(FREE DOWNLOADS available on the group's website.)

Catey Shaw- Human Contact

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I heard this little tune a couple months ago when my sister gave me a preview of Catey's new album (out in t-minus 11 days but that date doesn't matter cause all of you already pre-ordered the album on iTunes anyway, riiiiiiight?) and I can't believe I don't remember this track standing out (probably because I was more cross-faded during the preview than Sarah Silverman at the Emmys but I digress). But actually, this may be my favorite Catey track yet. The funky bass, the distorted synth and Shaw's signature ukelele and vocals all combine to create the ultimate fem-pop ditty. The cheesy "ba-ba-ba's" have me subconsciously singing along so they're doing their job and Shaw definitely brings a Lily-Allen-esque sound to her new track (literally, I can't think of a bigger compliment than that. She's fucking SHEEZUS, who else would you wanna be compared to? No one.)

The video is chalk-full of color and I love any music video where fruit is such a focal point! Shaw manages to pull off white-girl dancing as well as the ultimate hipster hair-do of using bananas as curlers and the video only leaves me with one question: CAN I HAZ CLOTHES pLz!? litchrully want everything she's wearing from the white powersuit to the barely-shown, floral, harem pants.

Sam Sure - Hunger

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I can't decide if I want to take this song seriously or not. I know this statement doesn't scream "omg what a glowing review from T4L! I must hear this new artist immediately!" but bear with me, and please listen to Sam Sure's new tune. Then tell me if I should abandon him or follow him on Soundcloud. I will also jump off a bridge if you say so. Sry Mom. What "Hunger" has going for itself is this: it is a melancholy electro-pop ditty, complete with chipmunk vocals as backup singers. (I want to note this also creates a visual for me of Alvin& co like standing behind a large British man makin jokes and hangin out, which is obviously a huge plus) There are some things I also don't care for. "Text" should never appear in music lyrics. I know that's nitpicky and maybe dumb but if we don't draw the line somewhere, next thing u know Ariana Grande will be like lalalaaaa u screenshot my Snapchat nudie pics h8 u foreverrrrrr. That's the minor thing. The major issue I am having with in this song is this man's accent. 1. It reminds me of the ginger troll known as Ed Sheeran. 2. He sounds like Rebel Wilson in Bridesmaids. Exhibit A: he sings "think" as FINK, and I cannot take him seriously. So there you have it. Maybe that's discriminatory, but Adele talks like that and doesn't sing that way. And if she did, pretty sure they would not have let her sing Skyfall. VIS IS THE ENDDDDDDDD. Yeah. So Sam Sure if you want my musical and not comedic support plz talk to her and get some tips. K bye.

The Lazy Man's Load: Part Deux (The Knocks, Rick Ross, The 1975 and much more)

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I was going to call this post "August Rush" but not even I could bring myself to type a pun that corny (jk, let's face it, OLIVE my puns are just as CORN-KNEE). But, nevertheless, so the ppl who just scroll over the post titles and don't read them (hatechu) don't have to suffer my terrible puns, i settled on "Lazy Man's Load Part Deux"... not the most creative title, but hey, neither was "Rio2" and that film was AWESOME-- uh, i mean, i didn't see it cause it was rated G and I am a grown adult person. ANYWAYZ, here's some good tunes that I'm too lazy to write about (sry, gotta save my energy for LDW with my homegirls, i'm gonna have to do a lot of grueling tasks like sipping wine and smoking bowls.)

EVVY- Got Me Movin': this song HAS got me movin'! It's like EVVY has ESPN or something.

Ed Sheeran- Don't (Remix) ft. Rick Ross: FYEAH. Srsly give me a lil ricky ross throwback any day of the week. (but also, ew, Ed Sheeran. but please try to look past him and his perpetual sunburn, the song's decent)

Danielle Andrade- Billy Jean (Naxsy Remix): some random person took some other random person's cover of a not so random song and brought it randomly from 80's pop to chillwave, indie. Isn't that so totally random?

Lana Del Rey- West Coast (MANTU Remix): Listen to the song because it is good. (That way my Ron Swanson impression). But actually, i refuse to rave about this song solely because MANTU decides to write his name \\\ΔИ⊇, and i have a major problem with how moronic that is. LITCHRULLY, if I were to say that accurately, his DJ name is "slash-slash-slash delta Russian-N cross-symbol is-a-super-subset-of" and srsly FUCK that.

The 1975- Sex (Ryan Hemsworth Remix): def brings the original out of the Bait Shop circa 2005 and brings it into 2014.

The Knocks- Classic (ft. Power): gr00vy babyyyyy (Austin Powers and Ron Swanson impression all in one post!)

Bondax- All I See: Clean-Bandit-wannabe (wannabe being the key word in that phrase) Still good tropical, upbeat vibes doe.

Nick Kech- The Moment (ft. Madilyn Bailey)- IDK how Nick Kech get's credit for this track when it is clearly Macklemore's words and Bailey's voice but i guess dat's just what music has come to in 2k14. 


Les Loups- Colorblind (ft. Sybil): starts off slow, but the chorus is undeniable. Also IDK why their album cover is a brazilian Stormtrooper, but artistic expression i guess.

Tep No- Missing Winter: idk if this song is about missing the season or McKenzie Foster's dog, but otherwise, a quality chill track.

Jose Gonzalez- Stay Alive (JLNLDN Remix): Reminds me of last summer's "Congo" by Bear Mountain and I love the the half-beach-half-jungle vibes. Also the singer sounds so much like the lead singer of "Two Door Cinema Club" it's really uncanny.

In the words of a certain looney toon (not to be confused a looney tune, which is what we provide to you), THAT'S ALL FOLKS! enjoy ur LDW.

Robby Hunter Band- Bull Ride

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Robby Hunter Band seems to appear from nowhere (appearing out of the caverns of SoundCloud) once a year in late August to give us an undeniable summer jam. In 2k13 it was their catchy "Hard On Me" and he continues the trend this year with "Bull Ride"--surprisingly (NAWT) a metaphor about things getting rough. He repeats the analogy over and over "it's just a bull ride/ it's out of control/ it's just a bull ride/ it's out of control/ it's out of control/ it's out of controllllxslfm......." (sry, fell asleep typing that, he's so redundant). Like we get it, we don't need the repetition, it's not a very deep metaphor to comprehend (take a class on the Aeneid and then talk to me about subtle, deep metaphoric shit). As simplistic as the lyrics are, the song is UBER complicated, ranging the entire realm of indie-pop from strumming acoustic accompaniment to electric licks to synth to a background piano that occasionally sounds like I'm turning on my game boy advanced. Srsly, the last half of the song jumps the wide-spanning indie genre so much it's like an ADHD kid whose eaten his weight in sugar. But that's also why it ROCKS.

Chris Brown - X

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Ugh. Chris Brown. I have a Lotttttt of feelings about this violent man child, and pretty much none of them are good*** I purposely selected this photo of him wearing a floral bucket hat for a reason people. Still I cannot deny his talent. In his new tune "X" C Breezy switches gears and shows us his sad puppy side. It's kind of like if the Weeknd decided to commit to being on the radio. Ultimately, I would say I prefer this development to singing about hos and lawyers. However, I am questioning C Breezy's status as an R&B artist. This song has Diplo on it, and could be played at a midtempo rave. I guess we should give him room to grow as an artist? Was he ever R&B? Was Taylor Swift ever country? Things I ponder late at night. Jk I think about my work outfit so I can press snooze 4 times in the morning. Such practical night restlessness! Anyways, the main takeaway point is that even though Chris Brown has no right to sing the lyrics "You just start a fight / I ain't fighting back I'm cool with it" (literally false), this song is kind of amazing. And he really does have a beautiful voice. Probably so does Satan but whatever.    

**Except his Twitter feed. While it undoubtedly caused a publicist's head to explode, it has provided me with great comedy. So Thnx Team Breezy.

Say Lou Lou- Instant Crush (Daft Punk Cover)

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Say Lou Lou has returned and they seem to have come straight from the photoshoot for Fleetwood Mac's Rumors album cover. Through MUCH social media promotion (they tweeted the cover 4 times its first day online... not rly playing hard 2 get r they?), Say Lou Lou has spread the word far and wide about tackling one of the top 3 songs off of Daft Punk's stellar 2013 album. The twin-sister-duo takes Daft Punk's heavily electronic, robotic track and transforms it into a dark, ghostly fempop tune. Say Lou Lou claim their talent comes from the fact that they hail from "two different indie-pop meccas" since their mother is Swedish and their father is Australian, however calling Australia an indie-pop MECCA seems extreme (at its inception it is merely where a real indie-pop mecca sent it's degenerates). But, w/e cause descended from this sesspool of prisoners plagued by generations of poor dental hygiene comes these two twins, queens of everything dream pop and 1960's-inspired hipster (aka half hippie half mod). This track is definitely more mellowed out than most of T4L's jiv-ey finds, but just like you need some tracks to drink and roll too, you also need those tracks to relax to while experiencing that xanax-or-edibles-induced chill sesh. Here at T4L we try to cater to all your drug-ly states. Consideration at it's finest.

VERITE- The Weekend

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VERITE is continuing to blow up, and she's stepped up her lyrical game just like T4L asked! (sure, there's still some cliche, fempop shit in there, but it wouldn't be as dumbly catchy without the PG-13 lyrics). She brings her ghostly-perfect vocals and combines some rul nice Ryn Weaver-style harmonies with a catchy, Robyn-esque backbeat and funk. Sure the beginning starts off a little slow, but the combo of the groovy guitar with the hint of vocal distortion at the chorus is stellar. Plus VERITE (will we ever know ur name, doe?! The anonymity and mysteriousness is become less and less intriguing and more and more just fucking annoying), has stepped up and showed us her true popstar potential in this track. It's WAY more upbeat than her usual stuff which possesses a certain Dakota-Fanning-level of eeriness (idk entirely what that reference means, but the assessment just seems right. I mean just look! She just kind of naturally makes your skin crawl a bit, no?).


ZHU- Faded (Big Gigantic Remix)

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ZHU's progressive house hit, Faded, has been passed around legit D.J.s and Calvin-Harris-wannabees more than that one hot, straight girl at military school. Big Gigantic, however, definitely takes the remixing award. They have not merely remixed the chillwave electronic track, they've completely REDONE it. Usually i don't like posting about remixes when I've already raved about the original, but BG has flipped tempos, swapped instruments and added so much soulful sax (is there any other kind doe, rly?) that the remix deserves it's own praise. The drop is uber gr00vy and unlike most remixers who overload their version with additions, Dom and Jeremy manage to keep the instrumental minimalism that made the original so classy (not like jazz classy, but still. Jazz is like the grey goose of music. Most electronic music is like smirnoff at best, but somehow ZHU manages create electronic tracks that reach a lemon-Svedka level of clas$iness. So props to him, whoever da fuq he is**).

**BUT LYYYYKE ACTUALLY WHO IZ HE?!? He's more mysterious than SBTRKT, Deadmau5 and Daft Punk combined. Like all of them rolled into one amazing D.J. rumored to be named Steven. But even more anonymous. Like a one-person blue man group.

Tinashe - Pretend (ft. A$AP Rocky)

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Attention: Tinashe has (temporarily) hung up the stripper tunes in favor of Jhene Aiko-esque love ballads. This announcement should be taken with a grain of salt. When I say ‘love ballad,’ I mean Tinashe sings of ignoring the past crimes of her lover in order to bang him without guilt. Ahhhh luvvv. In this new endeavor, she has partnered with literally my favorite rapper in the game, ASAP Rocky. While I like him partially because he is smoking hot, I also appreciate his songs, specifically 1 Train, Goldie, and Fashion Killa. Also have you seen the music video where he pretends he’s JFK and Lana Del Rey is Jackie? You should. It’s mainly retarded but I could not look away because ASAP is wearing the clothes of my grandfather. Anyways, going back to “Pretend,” I appreciate both the laid back production and vocals of this track. It’s refreshing to hear calmer vibes from hip hop every once in a while. Although I strongly object to some of these lyrics. Exhibit A: “Let’s pretend it’s my first time/ So you can really blow my mind”. This statement is all kinds of fiction. Tinashe, while I’m sure your mind was def “blown” during ur first time (which, given the sexual nature of ur songs, was probably age 12), pretty much none of us can relate to you. Still, this song receives an A+ from me.

Klangkarussell - Symmetry

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My brother told me yesterday my taste in music is getting weird. Fellow loons, I hope this is not the case. But if it is, I want to warn you that it can happen to you too. One day, you’re jamming to Colbie Callait no problem, and suddenly you’re downloading 8 minute Ibiza themed house tracks with no memory of how you got there. And so I want to preface the introduction of Klangkarussell’s song “Symmetry” (SEE), by apologizing if u hate it. I wish I did. But alas, I have been sucked into the black hole of European house music, AND I’M NOT COMING BACK. Jk I’m going to see Lily Allen in 3 weeks. But srsly this song rocks, and reminds me of Hot Chip. It’s kind of sad and sings about friendship (I think? I can't really hear a lot of the words so maybe it’s about butterfly wings or something). There are also lyrics that I hear as “But when it’s too dark to see / open up your eyes and hold on to me” And it’s like, how could u do that if u night-blind nigga !! *** They have an album called Netzwerk, so go get it. Do you think that's German for Network !? Do musicians have LinkedIn? God that would be amazing. I can only imagine what Lady Gaga would put under "skills". 

***Im really sry, but I’ve been reading the Fat Jewish all day and it has infiltrated my vocabulary

Mike Mago & Dragonette - Outlines

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I swear to God Dragonette could have provided the entire soundtrack to DDR.*** Or rather, that thing you used to do for fun before you discovered alcohol. Remember that song I JUST CAME TO SAY HELLO. U def could have stomped around your living room on Friday night to that. Well, Dragonette has been exhumed from their techno tomb with a new jam. This time, they have partnered with Mike Mago on melancholy pop gem “Outlines.” Since it was concocted in some Swedish producer’s lair, it’s obviously catchy. Let’s just say its spirit animal is Sweet Tarts. Additional things of note, Dragonette sounds exactly like someone I can’t place on this song. It’s kind of Robyn-y? Ugh the mystery is angering me. If u know, plz comment. Or comment anything at all because it would be fun to have a comment. Also, the phrase, “I wanna get with you” needs to die. Every time I hear it, I can only picture Akon, and I would prefer him to remain in my pink mini Ipod/2006 memories. Tender love ballad “I Wanna Fuck You” had its time in the sun friends. Lastly, Mike Mago, aside from some wompy noises, I can’t really identify your contribution. But maybe u wrote the whole thing so you remain in my good graces.

**** For our friends who weren’t cool in middle school, DDR = Dance Dance Revolution 

The Lazy Man's Load: A Summer Recap (Disclosure, Foster The People, Sylvan Esso, and beyond)

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SPOILER ALERT: FREE DOWNLOADS. Good news T4L subscribers! If you continue reading you will be rewarded (hint: the following is to music lovers as a giant pile of blow is to Kate Moss... i.e. u will feel happy and mayb not very hungry for several hours). I kid I kid, but basically the summer is almost over and we've been lazy at dispensing optimal tunes for all loons. Thus, below you will find a list of solid summer jams that we "forgot" to post along the way (aka we were probably fb stalking old college albums, googling ALS, or wondering what the HELL is happening in Missouri, probably all the above). Granted, it is likely that these will all be old news 2 u hip youngsters, but on the off chance that you possess virgin ears, then scroll on! AND you can download all of the below FO FREE on soundcloud/facebook, FTW.

Best Friend (Jai Wolf x AObeats Remix) - Held the premier spot on my running playlist for a while. Embarrassingly, I find a good build and drop sequence particularly motivating. However, I have been told that I have questionable taste in running music so I guess I'm weird, idk. 

Circles - I run 2 this as well. Includes snapping, a decent drop, and an infectious chorus. 

Help Me Lose My Mind - If you enjoy Flume, you will love this. See previous comments about preferred running music. 

Collide - Catchy, sunshiney. Won't change your life, but will probs change your mood.  

Need Ya - Somehow manages to incorporate cheering children and many, many "woo hoos" successfully. Idk how to explain, but u will not b sorry. 


Summer Spliffs - An instrumental little ditty. Ideal for kickin it and/or tokin it (er duh). 

Hey Mami (Big Wild Remix) - An improvement on the original. Complete with fuller sound and satisfying mini-drop (@ 0:50) featuring a jazzy lil whistle loop. 

The Hood Internet - Sock It 2 Summer (Missy Elliott vs. Blood Cultures)

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This song really should have been blogged back in June, but ya know better late than nevr. Been busy doin pretty much nothing and thinking about studying for the LSAT #postgradlyfe. Alas, I keep expecting to be over The Hood Internet, cause lesbihonest, mashups are sewww 2010. And yet, they just keep coming back with blog-worthy tunes. As indicated by the title, "Sock It 2 Summer" is your ideal seasonal number, equipped with ocean sounds and all. I am particularly in favor of the breezy addition from Blood Cultures, which knocks down the intensity of Missy's cumngetit nympho lyrics just a smidge. To give you a preview, Ms. Elliott claims "my hormones jumpin like a disco, I be poppin 'ish like some crisco." To be honest, that really just makes me think of frying chicken, but I am uncomfy with her word choice nonetheless. Kneewayss, happy dogs days friends.

WAFIA - Let Me Love You

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If you were thinking this is a Mario cover, then give yourself a cookie cuz yer smart! Yes my fellow loons, WAFIA has paid homage to one of the best R&B jams of the early 2000s. I'm willing to bet that many children were conceived to Mario's panty-dropping riffs - my money is on Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, unless she strictly listens to "Y u so Obsessed With Me" or "Touch My Body" to get in the mood, which seems likely.* 

Now some of you may be wondering, who the eff is WAFIA? Yeah I had no clue either. Let me just save you the trouble of inquiring - all two of her other songs resemble a boring London Grammar or Birdy. Also, the bio on her FB page reads "Working on new stuff for your ears, but mainly my soul." I can't decide if this quote makes me sad or want to vom a little... I think both. If this music is a reflection of your soul, then your spirit animal must be a saltine or the less fun Hilton sister, both are synonymous in my mind. However, I like this cover, probably just because I like the song in general. Nonetheless, the female voice and modern production are refreshing. Sry for hating WAFIA, perhaps one day you will be more of a Triscuit kind of girl or a cheddar rice cake. Both are fucking delicious. 

*Obvi Nick has no say in this or anything for that matter, otherwise he would not be married to her. That or he never saw Glitter. 

Route 94 - My Love (Prince Fox Remix)

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Prince Fox** is still riding the wave of massive success from his remix of Stay With Me (endorsed but not blogged by yours truly bc that song needs not a single shred more of publicity. sry sam, i luv u dearly) and he's demonstrated that it was not a fluke with this edit of 90s inspired club jam "My Love". Taking a page out of Flume's book, the highlight of this track comes at 0:55 and 2:02 with a deconstructed and heavily synthesized drop. Thx ur highness. Reminder that the vocals are by none other than Jess Glynne (no worries, she sounds less tranny-like on the original). You may remember her from Rather Be (omggg I KNOW that song is UR JAM). Welp, this is no Rather Be but I sure like boppin around to it. (suggested pairing: a j and joy ride)

** Could be a nod to the classic Le Petit Prince or mayb just a dude who is equal parts lame and narcissistic. Either way, your music isn't bad so that's somethin.

Mapei - Believe

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I don't think there's a twenty-something soul out there that hasn't been mainlining Mapei's first single "Don't Wait" since it dropped last October. I actually know this for a fact since my collegiate a capella group wanted to cover it. Considering that past song suggestions have included Selena Gomez's "A Year Without Rain" (unironically, I promise), this signifies that "Don't Wait" has undeniably crossed over from obscure blogosphere hit to mainstream gold. 

Her newest effort "Believe," while I admit is not quite as pee-your-pants obsession worthy as her first single, has some serious potential. It possesses the same grunge, hip-hop undertones and remains refreshingly simple. Album "Hey Hey" (um hi?) out Sept. 23. AND she's opening for her fellow swede and former BK rewmie (true story according to wikipedia) Lykke Li on a US tour that kicks off this fall. "Don't Wait" to purchase tix! (lawl...its been a long day -_____-) 

Tennis - I'm Callin

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Hearing new Tennis music at the conclusion of summer is pretty depressing. It’s like being taunted with warm weather and margs seconds before being PLUNGED INTO WINTERY DARKNESS. But I guess we can use it to pretend the sun won’t soon set at 3 pm. Because it’s good, people. This girl’s voice is delightful, and I am thankful that so far it hasn’t been ruined by appearing in Target commercials. Or like , the stupid feel of cotton ones. They seem well suited for one another. “I’m Callin” is also delivering a poppier sound than we normally get from Tennis. In fact, the entire song is pretty different. All of a sudden they have slow-jam disco vibes goin on. It’s like the preppy Lacoste wearing girl u knew had  secret love affair and subsequent bb with the famous chocolate hip-hop artist visiting town on tour. (No comment on what her parents thought)*** New album Ritual out this month.


Charli XCX - Break the Rules

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Today we present Charli XCX’s latest foray into shameless pop music, “Break the Rules.” While the use of the word shameless may lead you to believe I disapprove of this lady’s music trajectory, I don’t. Pop music rocks, and if you don’t like it you are a dumb person pretending to not. You don’t like ABBA, you say? OK PINOCCHIO. Anywayssss, “Break the Rules” is a poppy gem, and sounds different than other songs previously sung by Charli XCX. Originality points for Griffindor***. Additionally, I appreciate the early 2000s drumming that is present. From the opening notes, I practically thought it was the song that goes aWOO –HOO a million times. Even after she starts singing, I expect the woo-hoos to come in. Finally, to comment on the lyrical content. “I don’t wanna go to school / I just wanna break the rules” Normally I would say boo, but it’s so stupid it’s kind of awesome. Also I want nothing more than to skip skool and break rules, but now I work, and if u do that U GET FIRED. Bummer. 

***Jk, she’s def in Slytherin. Along with anyone else who resembles a Kardashian. The real Kardashians are def squibs tho.

Josef Salvat - Shoot and Run and much more...

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Besides impeccable taste in hand-me-down sweaters and a talent for come hither stares, Josef Salvat has an amazing ear for haunting production, captivating lyrics, and vocal delivery. He's got a knack for subtlety and still rewards listeners with bellowing choruses and explosive instrumentals. His stuff is definitely not for those seeking the next girl jam or club banger, but he does deliver some immensely satisfying atmospheric tuneage. 

I originally intended to post only about Salvat's newest creation "Shoot and Run;" however, a quick search revealed that T4L has been woefully remiss in publicizing our aussie friend (aside from our coverage of Every Night). Ergo, I have taken the liberty of providing several of my favorites below...

Shoot and Run- Jo did you intend this for the Divergent Soundtrack? Not but really. It's like weirdly applicable (see: girls, guns, running from people, and bass synths of epic proportions).

This Life- First Single. Original Fave. 

Hustler- Very James Blake-esque. A simply beautiful track that definitely builds. The SaneBeats remix hooks you at the onset but levels off quickly. Both are worth a listen.

Every Night (Vimes Remix) - In the wake of our previous post, Vimes produced a bomb electro-pop take on Salvat's indie track. If the original was a cookie, the remix = like a thousand pixie stix. A weird, but apt comparison. Go with it. 

Kwabs - Walk

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Kwabena Sarkodee Adjepong AKA Kwabs hails from Ghana by way of the UK where he studied at the Royal Academy of Music #casual. So duh, it's no surprise that he won over audiences with his debut EP Wrong or Right, which surfaced back in February. Since, he has solidified himself as a "synth&B" powerhouse with the potential to blow up. Move over, James Blake (jk retrograde is perfection, despite it's now creepy association with the sudden departure and mute, chain smoking, alabaster cult-goers.)**

With the release of "Walk," the single off of his upcoming album out Sept. 29, Kwabs has us at his mercy. Tbh, I feel like this song belongs on the soundtrack to 8 mile or Save the Last Dance or that insipid Karate Kid remake starring Will Smith, Jr. - basically any movie in which the hero broods alone in a hooded sweatsuit preparing for some sort of dance/rap battle. So props 2 u, Kwabs! May you someday be known by Beliebers and 1D groupies everywhere! 

Just one question, does his stage name not teeter uncomfortably close to a toddler with a speech impediment trying to pronounce a certain venereal disease? Food for thought. 

**Reference to the most epic scene in The Leftovers. If this is unintelligible to you, be happy that you have not wasted countless Sunday evenings on this nonsensical clusterfuck of a television show. 

ODESZA- Say My Name (ft. Zyra)

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Give me an new ODESZA** any day of the week (but thank u music gods for giving it to us on the hell that is hump day to make life a bit better). ODEZSA brings their signature electronic distortion and layered vocals to their newest single, "Say My Name". Throw in the luscious vocals of Zyra and you will be in auditory heaven for 4 minutes and 20 seconds (the most magical of track lengths). Zyra has the type of voice that sounds equal parts sweet and dangerous and that works perfectly with the chillwave vibes of ODESZA. Their album drops in September, basically the same month that every fucking fall album is coming out. Srsly, NOT even exaggerating, the artists with albums coming out next month includes but is not limited to: The Kooks, BANKS, Jhene Aiko, Catey Shaw, Ella Henderson, 50 Cent (#BLESSED), Alt-J, Kendrik, Rita Ora, Chris Brown, Steven Aoki. Basically it's going to be motherfucking Christmas in September.

**ODESZA, like diversity, is an old wooden ship, more specifically, the sunken boat of an uncle of Harrison Mills, one half of ODESZA.

Ella Eyre- Comeback

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Like woah. Ella Eyre continues to prove she's on her way to pop-culture royalty when it comes to powerful British singers. Her raspy yet intense vocals flow easily over the combination of faint strings and band-stand drums, not to mention my homegirl Ella rocks the overly-permed look better than anyone since SJP circa 1999. Eyre describes "Comeback" as "the ultimate break up song when you're trying to make someone feel better". Awww, ain't that sweet, El. But you end up giving the best and worst break up advice all in one song. The good being the perfectly worded advice of "Just take that pain and let that motherfucker burn". FYEAH, girl power FTW! But then she turns around and gives the shittiest advice of "They always come back". IDK what kind of voodoo vagina you have Ella, but for most of us, it's not a 100% guarentee (or even like a 50% guarentee) that the boy comes back around. Ur fueling some unrealistic expectations Ella, but I'll let it slide cause this track is so fucking good.


Tobu vs Zara Larsson - Uncover (Tobu Bootleg)

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I'm gonna let you take a guess at the birth year of this Zara Larsson whose vocals ooze over this track with such ease. 1994? 1995? WRONG MOTHERFUCKERS. She was born December 16, 1997. Meaning she's six-fucking-teen. Meaning she hadn't even been conceived when Ross and Rachel were on a break, she wasn't alive to see crazy-ass Ms. Frizzle constantly risk the lives of her students, AND she didn't even have fingernails when T̶h̶e̶ Q̶u̶e̶e̶n̶ h̶a̶d̶  ̶P̶r̶i̶n̶c̶e̶s̶s̶ ̶D̶i̶a̶n̶a̶  ̶k̶i̶l̶l̶e̶d Princess Di met her untimely fate (sry, reading abt conspiracy theories on Wikipedia is my kryptonite). But actually, i'm just complaining about her youth b/c i feel like college-sophomore tragically trapped in a post-grad body at the mo.
Now imma leave my post-grad pessimism out of the rest of this post (or try at least to...) because this song ROCKS. Tobu's (Tobu? rly? r u a teletubbie?) is spot on with his sampling choices and the track has an awesome pre-levels-Avicii feel. The build could be better, but the drop is pretty stellar and isn't too heavy on the bass. I h8 that hardcore "I WANT THE BASS TO RATTLE MY BONES SO HARD THAT I HAVE TO GO BACK TO USING MY 7TH GRADE BACK BRACE" level of bass so many shitty EDM songs possess. This song is definitely purrrrfect for that last-ditch trip to the beach before school or the white-wine-and-svedka-shot-fueled pregames of your first weekend back (srsly, i envy u).

Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj- Bang Bang

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I can only IMAGINE the diva-fueled agruments that happened to result in all three of these ladies getting full credit for this track (Nicki will not stand for a mere feature credit! What is this? 2011?) I don't even need to listen to this song to know it'll be big. The name recognition of the 3 powerhoueses alone have a platinum record locked up for "Bang Bang" already.
This track isn't you're normal pop-py girl anthem. This track has the Dreamgirls soul and a James-Brown-style-rock'n'roll feel, plus the Hercules-esque harmonies KILL it (and that's the gospel truth, y'all!). And of course, since it's the 2010s, why not throw my homegirl Nicki Minaj in there for a verse? The witty rapper comes up with some of her most ingenious rhymes, my favorite being: "i said band bang/ bang bangbang bang/ bang bang bang/ bang bangbang ban:. Truly inspiration Nikitaaa

Bastille- Bad_News

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Bastille is BACK and the seem to have popped a couple of their mom's xanax while she wasn't looking! On their newest track they've chilled out and left the spazzy, hardcore drums at home. But actually, the first couple bars of this track legit sound like Passion Pit and it isn't until Dan Smith's signature vocals come in that you go "hey isn't this that band with that one song that goes eh eh oh eh oh"?. The first whole half of the song is pretty weak, but the song still possessed those Bastille rounded-out harmonies and the added strings (although CLICHE AF) pair well with the synth. "BUT BRIDGET," you whine as you look at this post between going through your built-up inbox of SnapChat MyStories and choosing an instagram filter for that photo from the Hamptons this weekend, "You've made a typo. It's obviously 'Bad News" not "Bad_News". No, butthead, I didn't. The title actually has the underscore, because you know, just why the FUCK not? When you have DJs named after Swedish folklore, adding an underscore instead of a space seems rather mundane in comparison.


Tobtok ft. Emil Heró - Higher (Oliver Nelson & Skogsrå Remix)

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A remix from Oliver Nelson ALWAYS takes me higher. Throw in some Skogsrå** and this track has vibes for days. The opening twinkly-synth and Daft-Punk-feel of Emil Hero's electrified vocals is only the start to an awesome track. The robot-funk feel and jivey synth join to make a groovy, upbeat song that will elevate the sensation of any drug you might be on while listening to it (litchrully it will take u higher), whether it's a joint on a joyride or shrooms on the beach.

For those of you out there who have yet to brush up on your Scandanavian folklore,a Skogsrå is a "seductive forest creature in Swedish folk tales; her name roughly translates to "the Forest Spirit". The Skogsrå is a stunningly beautiful, naked woman with long hair; though from behind she is hollow like an old tree, with an animal's tail. I'm trying to come up with the common thread that links a Swedish folklore creature to electronic music but i'm coming up blank, so I rly can't say why Adam Griffin (Skogsrå's mortal name) decided upon this pseudonym. All i know is that it makes me SMH in the biggest way possible. 

Grimes - Go (ft. Blood Diamonds)

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The queen of everything weird is back. Grimes has been gone awhile, and if I had to guess where she has been, I would say lurking around the Game of Thrones set or stalking Shakira. These guesses are based upon her amazing twitter feed, which is ironically/unironically/the-result-of-too-much-acid hilarious. Here are some prime examples.

 “any1 else going to lana del rey concert 2mrw?? I cant tell if I should wear my cowboy hat or if it will piss off the people behind me”
“james just told me that it makes him uncomfortable when I lurk around the house with a knife lol”
“I think I am feeling legitimate depression about the fact that I slept in too late and now the burrito truck is gone”
“people hated on the teletubbies, but they were amazing”

U rock don’t change Grimes. Anyways, this is her new song Go featuring frequent collaborator Blood Diamonds. While Grimes has a tendency to sing like a haunted baby, this new snazzy production is doing good things for her vocals. It moves away from the whiny and toward Imogen Heap territory, which I'm always down for. If it reminds me of the O.C. and Sandy Cohen’s mythical eyebrows, it’s a step in the right direction. I luv u Azerbaijan.

Maroon 5- Maps (Cutmore Radio Edit)

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Maroon 5 is my guilty pleasure and I am NOT ashamed to admit it. Anyone who says they don't like Adam Levine's voice is either lying or Helen-Keller status. Cutmore's edit of the never-aging band's (srsly, Adam Levine and Halle Berry, how do I get your genes) latest song, Maps, will have you up and dancing before you can even say "wait, isn't this Maroon 5? Is this 2008?" Cutmore manages to make a remix legit enough that it actually sounds like R.A.C. crafted it. Map already is a solid song, but Cutmore's added EDM marching-ban drum build, jivey house piano and sped up tempo make this track shine. The percussion cut out and piano slide around 2:40 and onward only adds extra funk to the already infectious dance track. TOTALLY thought they were saying "for the win" over and over again for the longest time, which made me want to vom at the idea of middle-aged men using the high-school term repeatedly. As it turns out, they're actually saying "following" which makes much more sense, so vom-free over here (til weekend's festivities at least).

Ryn Weaver- Promises EP

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Looking at her, everything about Ryn Weaver seems to be your run-of-the-mill, West-Coast-born-n'-raised, alternative-yet-still-effortlessly-stunning chick, from the name "Ryn" all the to the generic, facial beauty mark. BUT, this girl's got talent. Her collaberations are SPOT ON, with her single "OctaHate" being produced by Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos and Cashmere Cat. Her EP is one girl-anthem after another and she constantly shows off her amazing vocals. The EP has a total of 4 songs, being:  

PROMISES: Yes, the beginning sounds like we are going to be abducted by aliens, but I love the distorted vocals.

HIGHLIGHTS: the very faint old school guitar and dat shimmery synth she uses to build to the chorus.  

OCTAHATE:Been thurrrr, praised that.

STAY LOW: Ryn brings out her inner Ellie (Goulding) here and whispy vocals are never a bad addition to a song.

HIGHLIGHTS: The sudden introduction of synth a little after 00:30 and the floaty, shimmering vibes of the track.


SAIL ON: The last anthem and it's just an epic and cathardic, slow-build club ballad 

HIGHLIGHTS: the tambourine and the pump-up snaps and handclaps.   

All the songs bear a striking resemblance (similar marching-drum back-beats and tempos) to Bebe Black's "I'll Wait" of 2k13, an epic girl-anthem if I've ever heard one. Sure the "I get knocked down but I get back up again" storyline of the EP from the self-destructing "Promises" to the uplifting and generically-named "Sail On" is cliche, but you can't deny Weaver's killer pipes and amazing ear for feminist-pop perfection.

Dillon Francis + Sultan & Ned Shepard- When We Were Young (ft. The Chain Gang of 1974)

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Okay, I am OFFICIALLY drawing the line with number of collaborations per song allowed. It's getting fucking ridiculous. Like Dillon Francis, were you just sitting in a room with 2 contributors already and decided, you know what his song RLY needs?!? ANOTHER guy, and more importantly the guy with the LONGEST and MOST POINTLESS DJ name on the face of the Earth: Kamtin Mohager (The Chain Gang of 1974 "for short"). Like remember when song titles were short and free of the tacked on "featured" parentheses. 

However, although it took 4 people to make this song, it's still pretty epic. It's like Dillon Francis wrote a song FOR post-grads looking forward to alumni weekend. The lyrics "do you remember how it felt when we were young" and the build to the chorus "today we have the chance to feel again... to laugh to cry to live again" are literally too applicable to any member of the Class of 2014 who has already marked their calendar for that glorious weekend in October. The beat and drop is classic Francis (which means catchy AF) and this is definitely a go-to dance jam for any fraturday or sunday funday in which you may indulge.