Bastille- Bad_News

8/18/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Bastille is BACK and the seem to have popped a couple of their mom's xanax while she wasn't looking! On their newest track they've chilled out and left the spazzy, hardcore drums at home. But actually, the first couple bars of this track legit sound like Passion Pit and it isn't until Dan Smith's signature vocals come in that you go "hey isn't this that band with that one song that goes eh eh oh eh oh"?. The first whole half of the song is pretty weak, but the song still possessed those Bastille rounded-out harmonies and the added strings (although CLICHE AF) pair well with the synth. "BUT BRIDGET," you whine as you look at this post between going through your built-up inbox of SnapChat MyStories and choosing an instagram filter for that photo from the Hamptons this weekend, "You've made a typo. It's obviously 'Bad News" not "Bad_News". No, butthead, I didn't. The title actually has the underscore, because you know, just why the FUCK not? When you have DJs named after Swedish folklore, adding an underscore instead of a space seems rather mundane in comparison.