BUNT- Journey (ft. Emma Carn)

8/11/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

This song is so formulaic-ly "popular indie 2014" that I can't help but wonder if BUNT just made a checklist of some of the best jams of the year and took elements of each to make a trendy track (kind of the more creative DJ Earworm of the 2010's if ur into that shit). If they did make a list, it probably looked something like this:

  • Gotta have some AVICII "Wake Me Up"-eqsue guitar strums
  • Remember how popular Klingande got after that one song? Def have to include "Jubel"-inspired soulful saxophone!
  • Lets sprinkle in some "Stay Classy, San Diego" flute. Who doesn't love Ron Burgundy? (except maybe that burrito-faced biker...) 
  • Oh! and let's feature some random girl who uploads covers to YouTube like it's 2012 and kind of sounds like the love child of Ellie Goulding, Linying and the lead singer of MS MR. 

It may sound like I'm complaining about this criteria-laddened song, but I'm actually not. All these cliche elements combine to make this a perfect joyride jam. So as long as you're less judgmental than me about your music**,
you'll love the vibes of this track and have it on repeat on that trip to the beach.

**not a hard feat. I'm as betchy and nit-picky about my music as Beyonce is about which photos of her are allowed to grace the public's eyes.