Catey Shaw- Human Contact

8/29/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I heard this little tune a couple months ago when my sister gave me a preview of Catey's new album (out in t-minus 11 days but that date doesn't matter cause all of you already pre-ordered the album on iTunes anyway, riiiiiiight?) and I can't believe I don't remember this track standing out (probably because I was more cross-faded during the preview than Sarah Silverman at the Emmys but I digress). But actually, this may be my favorite Catey track yet. The funky bass, the distorted synth and Shaw's signature ukelele and vocals all combine to create the ultimate fem-pop ditty. The cheesy "ba-ba-ba's" have me subconsciously singing along so they're doing their job and Shaw definitely brings a Lily-Allen-esque sound to her new track (literally, I can't think of a bigger compliment than that. She's fucking SHEEZUS, who else would you wanna be compared to? No one.)

The video is chalk-full of color and I love any music video where fruit is such a focal point! Shaw manages to pull off white-girl dancing as well as the ultimate hipster hair-do of using bananas as curlers and the video only leaves me with one question: CAN I HAZ CLOTHES pLz!? litchrully want everything she's wearing from the white powersuit to the barely-shown, floral, harem pants.