Chris Brown - X

8/29/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Ugh. Chris Brown. I have a Lotttttt of feelings about this violent man child, and pretty much none of them are good*** I purposely selected this photo of him wearing a floral bucket hat for a reason people. Still I cannot deny his talent. In his new tune "X" C Breezy switches gears and shows us his sad puppy side. It's kind of like if the Weeknd decided to commit to being on the radio. Ultimately, I would say I prefer this development to singing about hos and lawyers. However, I am questioning C Breezy's status as an R&B artist. This song has Diplo on it, and could be played at a midtempo rave. I guess we should give him room to grow as an artist? Was he ever R&B? Was Taylor Swift ever country? Things I ponder late at night. Jk I think about my work outfit so I can press snooze 4 times in the morning. Such practical night restlessness! Anyways, the main takeaway point is that even though Chris Brown has no right to sing the lyrics "You just start a fight / I ain't fighting back I'm cool with it" (literally false), this song is kind of amazing. And he really does have a beautiful voice. Probably so does Satan but whatever.    

**Except his Twitter feed. While it undoubtedly caused a publicist's head to explode, it has provided me with great comedy. So Thnx Team Breezy.