Cyril Hahn - Slow (ft. Rochelle Jordan)

8/04/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Holy slow jam 90s vibes!!!!!!!! Cyril Hahn was blogged awhile back, but since I can’t even remember the song I’m assuming it was dumb. This one is not. In theory it should be. “Slow” features Janet Jackson-esque vocals from rando Rochelle Jordan, who mostly sings, “Do you mind if we take it slow?” over and over again. That’s basically fancy speak for hold up homie, maybe don’t bang me ASAP. Which, if your song is riddled with sexual undertones and 90s slow jam goodness, is counterintuitive and JUST WRONG. In spite of this, our Canadian DJ man has crafted an excellent track. There is an upbeat electro/r&B beat complementing her silky vocals perfectly. There is also something vaguely latino about the production, and sexayy synths. Honestly, this song makes we want to date a bouncer. One that is preferably chocolate and teddybear-esque (are there any other kinds?!). We would listen to this song while we drove around in a hummer and he poured me Cristal.  K I’ll be off contemplating that. Enjoy this song tho.