Double Feature: EPISODE - Hold On, Dust

8/29/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Welcome to the future of boy bands everywhere. At least I fervently hope so. Frankly, I have never understood the appeal of 1D, which to my knowledge is the only successful boy band since the early days of N'Sync. Did every girl btw the ages of 10 and 30 receive a lobotomy? Coordinated outfits and synchronized "dancing" is not cool. Harry Styles is not cool. period. I don't understand why everyone is participating in this mass conspiracy instigated by Simon Cowell. Like help. I feel so alone.
Fortunately, EPISODE gets it. The foursome based in NYC is only a boy band by way of gender and the fact that they've been making music together since high school (aww). In fact, their "thing" is producing beats and letting other vocalists shine in the foreground. On their newest track, "Hold On," Stefan Weiner's voice will make you swoon fer sure and probably hate the ice cold betch he's singing about. Definitely a break up song, however it's full of simple insights instead of cliches. Example: "Why are we becoming something different than what I predicted?" Ugh too true, and yet doesn't make me want be like NO SHIT SHERLOCK.

I will caution you that the video is not quite as comprehensible as the song it accompanies. It's basically a montage of insanely attractive people doing weird shit and making it look normal. Highlights: Naomi Campbell's doppleganger walking down the road in a cocktail dress wielding a 12 gauge. My personal favorite, buff asian dude w/ top knot running on the treadmill in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse wearing an oxygen mask. literally wut is this supposed to convey. More disturbing than this image is my weirdly strong attraction to the guy in it. I guess I have discovered a subconscious thing for ppl who look like samurais (samurai? Is it like the plural situation for deer? things to google...).

"Dust" is also equally as dope as "Hold On" and features some chick who sounds like a pixie and some solid rap verses. Basically, you are doing yourself a serious disservice if you don't listen to these two songs. and it means you probably love One Direction, god help you.

(FREE DOWNLOADS available on the group's website.)