Felix Jaehn- Ain't Nobody (ft. Jasmine Thompson) (Chaka Khan Cover)

8/05/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

This kid (I say kid because he's only just reached the big 2-0... feel old and unaccomplished yet? join the club) is taking the music industry by storm this summer. He already has received praise for his earlier track Shine, and his expertly remixed Another Day In Paradise by Phil Collins (just random enough to rock). Jaehn's music, described as "deep house and sunny chill", sets the perfect mood for any summertime hang. The xylophone opening and heavy-house-piano chorus  are where Jaehn's edits elevate the song to a higher level. And his sampling choices are SPOT ON. Jasmine Thompson, whoever u are, I h8 u cause you got famous by doing covers on YouTube, but I luv u cause you sound kind of like Ellie Goulding. So i'm torn. But keep getting you're songs remixed like this and i'm sure we'll be BFFLs in no time (and then I can crash at your fabulous central London apt and visit my favorite city whenever I feel the Jan-ergy-- inside joke and ur on the outside sry-- flowing.)